Reverse City Builder Terra Nil Tasks You With Re-Wilding The Environment

In Terra Nil, players reconstruct nature and wipe out any sign of human activity.


In nearly every city builder, your task is to create sprawling empires of soaring structures and miles of roads. As a result, the natural environment you're building upon sometimes doesn't have much impact beyond providing resources for your megalopolis. Publisher Devolver recently unveiled a new game that turns that core concept on its head: In Terra Nil, you have to break civilization down and bring nature back.

Developed by Broforce studio Free Lives, Terra Nil is a cool-looking, pixel-art game that focuses on wiping out the wasteland left behind by unmitigated societal growth. As a "reverse city builder," the game still provides a number of structures and tools for achieving environmental regeneration, like ways to improve water flow and re-wild the landscapes.

It's a gorgeous game, too, and it's good to see a title that focuses on environmental stability and recovery, rather than solely on growth and productivity. At the moment there's no set release date, but Devolver states that it's coming soon to Steam. In addition, a demo will be released in the near future.

Devolver has some additional announcements planned for E3 2021, many of which will likely be revealed during its press conference. Check out our guide on how to catch Devolver's E3 2021 livestream, which, in addition to including reveals, will surely be similarly as ridiculous as in years past.

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