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Revenant Wings flying to Europe

Square Enix's Nintendo DS-exclusive Final Fantasy game confirmed for PAL territories.


All those European Final Fantasy XII fans that were left wanting more after finishing the game will be able to get back to Ivalice in early 2008.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, a DS-exclusive game, is set one year after the PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII. The new game will, according to Square Enix, answer all the questions about what happens next to the heroes of FFXII.

Revenant Wings will also introduce new characters and locations within Ivalice and a new adventure story. It will also have more summons than any other Final Fantasy game, and a soundtrack from Hitoshi Sakimoto--also the composer for Final Fantasy XII. The new game will feature an "evolved" version of the Gambit system, which was introduced in Final Fantasy XII, allowing real-time battles for the first time in the series.

Already dated in the US for November 20, the game is set for Europe sometime in early 2008. For more on Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, check out GameSpot's hands-on preview.

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