Revelation That Kojima Was Blocked From Attending The Game Awards Wasn't Rehearsed

Geoff Keighley didn't tell those working on the show what he was going to say.


During The Game Awards earlier this month, host Geoff Keighley revealed that Konami had prevented Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima from attending the show. As it turns out, Keighley did not rehearse this ahead of time, and those working on the show didn't know what he was going to say.

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Keighley was asked about this speech (watch it above) as part of a Reddit AMA. Specifically, when asked what prompted him to make the announcement--something that could have been ignored during the show--he explained, "It just broke my heart that he couldn't be with us--something had to be said. I didn't tell anyone on the show team what I was going to say and it wasn't rehearsed."

Prior to the show, Keighley had sent out a number of tweets about Kojima, none of which indicated that he wouldn't be there. As for why he did this, Keighley said, "I wanted him to know that we were thinking of him. I was trying to do all I could to make him feel connected to the show, even if he couldn't be with us physically in LA. Heartbreaking situation."

Keighley also reiterated what he said during the speech, that Kojima was watching the awards from Japan. "Yes, he was watching it live in Tokyo with friends," he said. "He tweeted a bit during the show."

Following the end of the show, Kojima tweeted, "Thank you very much."

While the split between Konami and Kojima was known to be acrimonious, it came as as a surprise that he was not allowed to attend the event. GameSpot reported earlier this year that Kojima would part ways with the company following the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since then, there have been reports of a power struggle at the company. Kojima's name was removed from its customary spot on The Phantom Pain's box art, and Silent Hills, his collaboration with Gullermo del Toro, was canceled.

In October, it was reported that Kojima had officially left his position at Konami and Kojima Productions. Konami later denied this, insisting Kojima was simply on vacation.

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