Revamped Xbox 360 outsells PS3 Slim in UK

UK Sales of the new Xbox 360 surpass launch sales of PS2 and PS3 Slim; match those of original Xbox 360.

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Microsoft’s new compact Xbox 360 S has achieved the biggest UK launch for a “revised” home console, according to data from UK chart keepers Chart-Track. Launch sales have surpassed those of the PlayStation 2 Slim and PS3 Slim. The Xbox 360 S has also matched the original 360’s 2005 launch sales since its release on Friday. The news follows the successful release of the console in the US last month, where VGChartz estimates it sold over 250,000 units.

The new 360 has done rather well for itself in the UK.
The new 360 has done rather well for itself in the UK.

The Xbox 360 S was unveiled at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, sporting a smaller, piano-black design, 250GB removable hard drive, built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and a special port for upcoming motion-control peripheral Kinect. The much maligned noise levels of its predecessor are also said to have been reduced, with a new cooling system promising a quieter gaming experience. The console currently retails for £199 in the UK.

There was further good news for Microsoft this week, as open-world shooter Crackdown 2 held on to its number-one spot in the all-format chart for the second week running, despite a 36 percent drop in sales. It held off Ubisoft’s Dance on Broadway by a mere 800 units, keeping it in the number-two spot. The only new entry this week is Disney’s Toy Story 3, which jumped into the chart at number five.

For more on the Xbox 360 S, check out the latest Start/Select below, in which GameSpot UK’s Jane and Guy take an in-depth look at the new features.

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lol vgchartz

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lol vgchartz

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Xbox30 > PS3

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I never bought an XBOX (or PS3 for that matter, being a PC gamer) because I heard too much about the Red Ring of Death, systemic failures, overheating, costly and inevitable repairs including shipping, and then the ultimate slap in the face; XBL subscription. It's quite obvious that Microsoft puts the same care into their hardware as they do with the horrible driver/peripheral support of Windows 7 (which I'm regretting loading up on my new puter instead of XP SP3). In the news this week, Bill Gates is giving half his fortune to Africa. While that is a highly generous & kind move on his part, his former flagship business model is sinking off the coast of Washington state to sleep with the fish. I always wonder what Microsoft does with all that R&D it's apparent that it all goes to vuvubele production in Johannesburg. Windows 7 is hassle enough for me...I don't need more plastic crap to fail from this company.

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@MatrixRE thanks for your answer. dunno why i got 3 thumbs down though i thought its a question people might want a answer to oh well lol

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Wow this is something I didnt see coming

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@ indiannoob Totally agree lol... GS you should slow down, M$ a*skissing is getting too obvious.

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why is this news only on the ps3 tab? no where on home nor on the xbox tab? your being sloppy GS! atleast try covering up for ur fanboyism, sad im really dissapointed.

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@godfather_1 My source comes from a hardware repair agency that makes their business fixing broken consoles, and quotes over 30,000 consoles, whereas your source comes from an anonymous poll from a game magazine quoting 5000 submissions. Which is more reliable? Furthermore, my source actually distinguished between the failure rates of early 360 models vs the latest models, whereas your source failed to do so, lumping all the 360s together irrespective of release date.

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Pathetic how kids will argue until Hell freezes over about which console is better. The smart ones amongst us know that the PC will always be the best.

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So its no longer RROD but RLOD. I guess this means ms finally eliminated the 360s RROD problem by replacing it with RLOD......pure comedy from ms.

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@pattyp77, its in all the systems news, but not the 360's. I guess the others system users need to know who's on top

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it sell cuz every 360 owner has to buy 2 or more 360s because of rrod.unlike the Ps3 that does not need a technically 360 is selling because of rrod

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"Revamped Xbox 360 outsells PS3 Slim in UK but new RLOD increases more disappointed buyers" Change the headlines to this ^

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@ SalarianChemist Um wouldn't the wii be the dominate success since it's out sold the xbox?

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@pattyp77 Of course they are all about 360, thats why they added the MS Live profile to GS. I wouldn't be surprised if MS is paying GS some funds to keep 360 above the rest. I hardly check GS anymore due to its favoritism. Maybe GS should be called Xbox-Stop!

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Why is this even news? The new Xbox just came out and the newer PS came out a year ago. News that doesn't matter. Great job gamespot.

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Just clicked on X360 looked at Latest Headlines... Then Clicked PS3 and looked at latest headlines... Noticed that the "X360S Outsells PS3 Slim" is only listed under PS3 News...? Would have thought that it was BIG X360 news. [RANT] Anyone else notice the INCREDIBLE number of X360S video ads on GS lately...? Fanboyism is a product of sites like GS - Wouldn't exists if it wasn't for the BS spin from these "Credible" - "Media" - "Reports".... Credibly supported by "special gifts" from BIG powerful companies. Thank the heavens for ZERO PUNCTUATION and sites of the like. GameSpot - Just play the games, review the games, leave out the friggen childish "mine is bigger than yours" mind game crap. [/RANT] Interesting Facts: MS Market Capitalisation: $224B << LINK REMOVED >> Nintendo Market Cap: $39.5B << LINK REMOVED >> Sony Market Cap: $27.5B << LINK REMOVED >> Who's got the power...?

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@dean0586, Not an expert but I don't think so. The reason PS3 owners can gameshare is that we can access our DL List when we in a way recover our PSN ID on another PS3. I've played on a 360 but I didn't see a section where you might find your DL's.

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I bought neither. SNES!!!

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now the new xbox has a built in hdd does that mean we can do gameshare like on ps3 ?

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Got mine four days ago. I'm in love with the bloody thing :) No but really, this is what the xbox 360 should've been like since the very beginning.

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I've always preferred the Playstation brand over Xbox brand. Why? I don't know exactly honestly. The XMB having a better feel over the NXE (In my opinion) and the long history Playstation has would be my best guesses. In any case, congratulations to Microsoft for their business achievement.

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You know whats funny, you have xbox and playstation fanboys talking smack on how either the playstation is going to eliminate the xbox, or how now the xbox will eliminate the ps3! Well guess what, their not!!! Both playstation and xbox will always compete. I enjoy both of their exclusives. And there was only one console, there wouldn't be such a thing as exclusives. All the games would be crap because there's no one to compete with. And since there's no one to compete with, the prices for the games, consoles, and accessories would be EXSPENSIVE!!! So be glad that we all have a choice on what we want to play, and what console we want to play on! Lets all just enjoy playing games.

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Dance on Broadway...horrible memories, cursed casual gamers, lol.

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@SalarianChemist now that you mention it I did have to go through about 6 or 7 ps2s so you might be right. Even so the ps2 is still the highest video game system sold in history. And apparently the demand is still extremely high for it otherwise sony would've stopped making it.

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@ x-2tha-z WTF? I'm not being sensitive I'm speaking the truth. If there were no fanboys don't you think it would be cool? Wouldn't you like it if you could just once get on a page or even on a video game without hearing fanboy comments? Think about it getting on here and no fanboy comments at ALL. Literally. I'm serious I'm so sick of fanboy comments for this gen gaming. Remember ps2 and ps1 and genesis and nintendo 64 era where there weren't ANY fanboy comments? I want it to be like that again.

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Im gonna glue an xbox and a ps3 to make my xboxps360, whos with me?!

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i traded in my ps3 slim to buy the new 360 haha i love it, very sleek PSN was the only reason why i went back to xbox..... its crap

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lindseyiluvyou, I respectfully disagree with your opinion about the reason why the new Xbox 360 Slim outsold the PS2 Slim. Let's not forget that the PS2 Slim ended up selling literally tens-of-millions of units during the last 30% of the PS2 lifecycle. Thus, there was in fact a consumer desire for the PS2 Slim. Also, I heard of plenty of defects associated with the PS2. In fact, the PS2 had a much higher defect ratio than the Gamecube, original Xbox, or Dreamcast. Both the PS1 and the PS2 suffered from problems like this. In that regard, it isn't a surprise that current generation systems experienced problems like that -- especially early models when the factories they were built in were relatively new. Remember, today's consoles have more parts than the consoles from any previous generation. It's also very important to keep in mind the fundamental difference between the PS2 Slim and the new Xbox 360 slim. The difference I am referring to is price. As I have already established, there was in fact a consumer desire for the PS2 Slim. The fact that the new Xbox 360 slim model outsold the PS2 slim by such a wide margin, even though the new Xbox 360 is being sold at such a higher price, is incredibly impressive. The new Xbox 360 is now the dominant console that others will measure their sales success against from this point on. Microsoft really does deserve to be congratulated for this success. My hat is off to Microsoft and I wish them the best.

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All it took was wi-fi and a built in hard-drive to make people buy the new Xbox 360? ...Amazing

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@lindseyiluvyou Why do you keep saying "fanboys have ruined next-gen gaming"? That makes absolutely no sense. Are you saying a few comments on a forum or news story completely remove all enjoyment while you play a game? Stop being so sensitive. There's always been fanboys and there always will be. There's fanboys in other areas too. Go look at any iPhone story and there's probably a load of people in there saying Android is better. It isn't just "next gen gaming" (who even calls it next gen anymore? It was next gen in 2005. Saying next gen today should be in reference to the third Xbox and fourth Playstation) Fanboyism goes back as far as I can remember. All the way back to the Commodore 64 vs ZX Spectrum. It isn't going to go away and moaning about it isn't going to achieve anything.

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@tekkelite women...oh yea you already said that lol. @SalarianChemist the reason the 360 slim outsold the ps2 slim is because so many people everywhere bought the original ps2 because ps1 was so good. Plus lets mention the fact that back then the companies did better making a good system. For the gamecube, the original xbox, and the ps2 you barely heard about crashes and all that unless you played them for 10 hours straight. Now between the ps3 and 360 you hear about crashes nearly every other week. The ps2 sold so well at launch it's no wonder why barely anyone bought a ps2 slim anywhere.

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@salami991 Hey, you've got a good point. I'm a PS3 gamer but I used to play most of my games on PC... still do play games on PC anyway. I say nobody can decide that console is better than the computer until they try it.

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All fanboys are funny. You insecure people need to get a life. There are things outside of gaming, like you know women, cars, and parties.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@xgraderx Just coz someone likes one console better, doesn't mean he's not interested in the other - it's pretty close-minded not to think that way. I love the PS3 but I like the 360 as well. I got a PS3 and in my opinion it's better. People don't respect that opinion and think their opinion is fact. But all the X-Box fans I met in the past were fanboys and tended to be nasty towards me for no reason, even if I haven't said anything to them, as long as they knew I owned a Playstaton 3. There's fanboys on both sides and no point in hiding it.

Avatar image for lindseyiluvyou

@jamage the funny thing is the ps3 slim came out first so microsoft took notes from sony. See what I did there?

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original 360 date Nov 22 05 SLIM 360 date June 19 2010 Original ps3 date nov 11 06 slim ps3 date sep 09 winner for slilm ps3 WAIT you don't have to worry about rrod that is good... WAIT WAIT THERE IS NO RED LED nice job on the slim that took so long.

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Problem with playstation is the awful control pad it's no wonder they barely sell

Avatar image for Hollow-Byakuya

I may not be a media HUB, but I can replace the background music with my own and cross-chat effortlessly, with non-crashing servers and a thriving online community... I own them both and the PS3 is gathering dust.

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Xbox 360 gains another sales victory over the Playstation brand. The fact that the new Xbox 360 outsold the PS2 Slim and the PS3 Slim really is an impressive achievement, especially outselling the PS2 Slim which cost so much less when it was released. Microsoft deserves to be congratulated for their impressive level of success in Europe.

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HEY GUIZE! I hate xbox because as my friends play great games on XBL lag free and with cross game voice chat, I am stuck watching spider-man 3 on blu-ray offline because the PSN servers crashed again and I have zero games actually worth playing.

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@Bamul Genius And I didn't realise the Kinect needed its own special port? Well that's just even more of a reason to not get one for xbox owners everywhere! Dick move Microsoft.

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Wow,look at all these insecure Sony fanboys.Reading an article about a console they claim they have no interest in,then take the time to troll the comments and you see this over and over all over the internet.Really,this is strange behavior,you guys have to deal with the way this Gen has gone cause I swear there's a huge community of you guys losing your minds.

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So, all talk and no numbers? interesting. Crackdown 2 is up against what exactly for top spot on charts? Such propaganda, it's quieter at least, LOL