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Returnal's Price Drops To $50 In Best Buy And Walmart Black Friday Sales

PS5-exclusive Returnal has been discounted by 39% for Black Friday.


Time loops have been a popular theme this year, and one of the very best games to take advantage of that premise, Returnal, just got a substantial discount for Black Friday. Housemarque's superb mix of arcade action and bullet hell difficulty is just $50 at Best Buy and Walmart right now.

A lethal game of trial and error, Returnal mixes the retro action that Housemarque has become known for with some of the most intense boss fights of the year and a world that's constantly out to get you. If you're a fan of the live-die-repeat formula of roguelikes, Returnal's unforgiving attitude makes every victory count when you succeed against overwhelming odds.

The game looks fantastic as well due to it being a PS5-exclusive, and with cunning use of that console's DualSense controller to add extra haptic feedback features, it feels incredibly immersive to play as well.

"Returnal is constantly unsettling and consistently challenging," critic Mike Epstein wrote in his review. "Its mysterious story and demanding action feel intense, urgent, and fresh. The fast-moving combat manages to appear incredibly daunting, bordering on overwhelming, without ever actually becoming insurmountable. Do you need to be a little brave to play Returnal? Yeah. Do you need to be glutton for punishment? It helps. They say that anything worth doing should scare you at least a little bit. I'm not sure if that's always true, but Returnal makes a strong case."

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