Returnal Patch 1.3.6 Out Now, Fixes Crashes And Suit Issues

A new patch for Returnal addresses several issues, including the dreaded save corruption bug.


Despite the previous one releasing just a few days ago, Returnal got yet another. patch, update 1.3.6, on May 8. The patch fixes a few different issues that had previously been addressed in the problematic 1.3.5 patch, and it also addresses an issue with save data corruption, if a previous post is still accurate.

The update's patch notes were released on Housemarque's Twitter, and though they're concise, they address the pressing issues in the game's current version. Crashes, preorder suits blocking progress in certain areas, and custom controller mapping issues are all mentioned, as is "incorrect healing behavior." This last one is apparently talking about healing more than once per run at the Helios ship, so it could make the game a little harder. In our experience, it also made the healing you receive from the Helios much less substantial. If you have been making return(al) trips to the Helios mid-run, you probably don't need to bother anymore.

The biggest issue addressed, however, is save data corruption. Because the previous patch already fixed the issue that was causing save data corruption, this appears to mean that Housemarque figured out how to resurrect affected files. However, it remains to be seen if that applies to everyone who lost progress because of the borked update from earlier this week. For now, the studio still recommends turning off auto-update if you are putting your PS5 into rest mode with an active run, as it will otherwise close to update the software. However, this note was absent from the post last added to Housemarque's website.

Suspend states are also not available in the game. It isn't clear if Housemarque is going to add them at all, but it has indicated it is at least considering feedback from the community on the issue. Legitimate saving is much less likely to happen and, as some players will tell you, it would kind of break the game.

Returnal is available now exclusively for PS5. We're pretty big fans of it, as you can see in our Returnal review, and be sure to check out our beginner's guide and boss guide if you need some help.

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