Retro-FPS Throwback Prodeus Launches In Early Access This November

In this GameSpot exclusive, the creators of Prodeus reveal that the Steam early access launch will be on November 10.


Coming from developer Building Box and published Humble Games, Prodeus is a blend of retro first-person shooter action with modern visuals to show off the carnage. Earlier this year, we got a look at the game during the plethora of livestreams in the place of E3 2020. In this GameSpot exclusive, we can confirm that Prodeus will launch in early access on November 10 for Steam.

The newest Gamescom 2020 trailer shows off what you can expect in the game, which is a fast-paced rush through a nightmare gallery demons, monsters, and other horrors you'll be able to take out in bloody chunks. In the game, you'll dive into a full campaign that pays tribute to classic FPS games like Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem. As you fight through monsters' hordes, you'll expand your arsenal of weapons to dispatch the increasingly challenging foes. Along with the campaign, Prodeus also has a full map editor, letting you build levels from scratch and share them online.

Right now, players can sign up for access to the game's closed beta on the Steam, which can get you even earlier access to the game. Just before the reveal of the release date, we heard from Building Box game designer Jason Mojica about the making of the game and how they wanted to pay tribute to the classics of the FPS genre.

"Over the last 15 years, we’ve honed our design skills at some of the larger FPS studios," he said. "Today, being able to use that knowledge while designing layouts and gameplay that would feel right at home with the retro shooter of yesteryear gives us a unique perspective. We missed the days when you could bust open a level editor and quickly craft something special. Sharing your creations with an inclusive community where ideas bounced around at a fast pace. There was a simplicity in the creative process, where innovation was king. I suppose, in a way, we want to get back to our modding roots and enable a generation of modders with these accessible tools for the game."

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Much like the modern iteration of Doom, Prodeus channels the spirit of what made the classic FPS games so memorable, which is the focus on pure action that kept the plot to a minimum. Following the launch in November, Prodeus will continue to receive updates and new content for the game as well.

For more on Prodeus, and the others games shown off during the days of the online Gamescom 2020, be sure to check out our hub page for the show.

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