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Retro-bit Brings New Ways To Play Old Games At CES 2018

The latest old stuff.

Retro-bit is known for bringing back old-school gaming in new ways, and at CES 2018, the company was showing off some new retro consoles, throwback controllers, and revamped cartridges of old games. As you can see in the video above, we got to check everything out at the show. Note that international pricing for most products hasn't been set yet. Here's a quick rundown of what stood out:

Super Retro Trio Plus

A new version of Retro-bit's multi-cart console, the Super Retro Trio Plus, will be available by the end of January for $80 USD and €60 Euro. It plays original NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis cartridges. The new addition to this model is its HDMI port and sharper 720p resolution, which makes it convenient to play old games on new TVs. There are ports for all three controllers of the original consoles, but it also comes with two of Retro-bit's own controllers. An NTSC and PAL switch lets you use cartridges from any region as well.

GoRetro Portable

The GoRetro Portable will come with over 300 games preloaded, but the final roster is still being finalized. Games from Capcom and Data East were playable at CES. It charges through microUSB and is said to last up to 10 hours on a full charge. Two color schemes will be available: light blue with grey accent and black with red accent. It'll be out this September for $35.

R-Type Returns

Super R-Type and R-Type III are coming back this May with a rerelease in R-Type Returns. These two games are SNES/Super Famicom classics, and this multi-cart by Retro-bit will also have a collector's edition for $60; you'll get stickers, a pin set, and a collector's box. The standard edition will go for $40.

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Holy Diver

The original Famicom game Holy Diver never got an official release outside of Japan, but Retro-bit will bring a licensed version of it which will release this May. The standard edition will be $35 and the collector's edition, which comes with a special box, pins, and stickers, will be $60.

Wireless Sega Controllers

The Sega Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast controllers return thanks to Retro-bit's partnership with Sega. Bluetooth wireless versions will be available, but price and release date haven't been set yet. These gamepads are compatible with PC, Mac, and Android, but a separate dongle to use these with their original consoles will be available.

For more on CES 2018, be sure to check out our roundup of the best gaming hardware at the show or our feature on the Game Boy remake called the Ultra GB; we also got hands-on time with the new HTC Vive Pro and 65-inch Nvidia gaming monitor at the show.

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Michael Higham

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Avatar image for squishytia

Only 720p on the Super Retro Trio Plus? Lame. That means more input lag on my TV since at 1080p I can just leave it in PC mode so there's zero chroma subsampling and minimal lag (even less than game mode). Any resolution that takes it out of 1080p60 drops PC mode and forces me to game mode which has worse color. Screw that.

Avatar image for jamesbr27

They cant go even older than the NES classic already did.

Who still wants to play amiga, odyssey and atari console games?

The first two are even older than me and the first atari console is my age.

Avatar image for trialia

@jamesbr27: You may not give a damn, but I would *love* to be able to replay certain of my old Atari games, especially the ones that were on floppy disk; Atari 2800 was my very first console, and I'd still have it intact if my dad hadn't got rid of the disk drive.

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

Why not do this for Dreamcast with internal and make all its games available digitally

Avatar image for deactivated-5ad5af79a96e8

Genuinely don't understand the nostalgia for old games. They were great at the time, but why in 2018 would you want to play something like R-Type?

Avatar image for caj1986

@Fallenlords69: simple becoz the current games are bug ridden, drm intrusive, filled with locked content, season passes and dlc based. People prefer when playing and fin was a achievement. Nowdays an achievement would be paying for extra content to get the full experience

Avatar image for deactivated-5ad5af79a96e8

@caj1986: Agree you did get sold the whole game back then, which was mostly bug-free and well tested. But at the same time games have progressed so much over the years. Not everything for the better, but I think I would sooner replay something a bit more current and say max out achievements than go back so far.

Obviously there is a market hence these releases, just wonder is this older people and nostalgia? Or more new gamers that haven't played these titles in there sort of native format before?

Avatar image for Wraith3

$80? Sold! I've been waiting for some Genesis games I had to come out (Desert Strike/Jungle Strike) and they haven't come to Steam yet. It's worth it just to play them since I gave my console to cousins years ago.

Avatar image for huyi12

@sellingthings: it's nice to store all of your music games and movies on hard drives but i could never give up my physical collection though, storing everything on hard drives is only there for convenience.

the only thing i have to fight against is wear and tear and mould, those things are nasty for legacy formats.

love the sega saturn gamepads though i still have mine.

Avatar image for superklyph

The question is will the input lag be less than the Hyperkin Retron 5. I wanted to love it so much, but the lag was pretty bad.

No, it wasn't my TV. I tested it on a computer monitor and on my normal TV against the original hardware.

Avatar image for uncle5555

@superklyph: I have a Retron 5 & Retrofreak and have never experienced input lag on either when someone always says they got lag on either one of those systems. I use wired controllers. Not saying there isn't some input lag for some people, but yeah it's gotta be something causing the issue, since some people don't have those same issues with their tv's.

Avatar image for superklyph

@uncle5555: I can't speak for the Retro Freak, but the Retron 5 has significant input lag. That is factual and indisputable. You likely aren't perceiving it because you haven't played it in the original hardware to compare.

As I said, I have played it side-by-side with the original hardware with the same game. Same wired controller, same TV.

It's there.

Avatar image for ivanthemonkey

@superklyph: I also have a Retron 5 and can attest to its definite input lag. I was using it to let's play some SNES games for that sweet 720p, but the input lag made the platforming in Super Mario World difficult, and the Retron wouldn't play nice with Mega Man X giving me all kinds of amusing glitches.