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Retro-bit Brings New Ways To Play Old Games At CES 2018

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The latest old stuff.

Retro-bit is known for bringing back old-school gaming in new ways, and at CES 2018, the company was showing off some new retro consoles, throwback controllers, and revamped cartridges of old games. As you can see in the video above, we got to check everything out at the show. Note that international pricing for most products hasn't been set yet. Here's a quick rundown of what stood out:

Super Retro Trio Plus

A new version of Retro-bit's multi-cart console, the Super Retro Trio Plus, will be available by the end of January for $80 USD and €60 Euro. It plays original NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis cartridges. The new addition to this model is its HDMI port and sharper 720p resolution, which makes it convenient to play old games on new TVs. There are ports for all three controllers of the original consoles, but it also comes with two of Retro-bit's own controllers. An NTSC and PAL switch lets you use cartridges from any region as well.

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GoRetro Portable

The GoRetro Portable will come with over 300 games preloaded, but the final roster is still being finalized. Games from Capcom and Data East were playable at CES. It charges through microUSB and is said to last up to 10 hours on a full charge. Two color schemes will be available: light blue with grey accent and black with red accent. It'll be out this September for $35.

R-Type Returns

Super R-Type and R-Type III are coming back this May with a rerelease in R-Type Returns. These two games are SNES/Super Famicom classics, and this multi-cart by Retro-bit will also have a collector's edition for $60; you'll get stickers, a pin set, and a collector's box. The standard edition will go for $40.

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Holy Diver

The original Famicom game Holy Diver never got an official release outside of Japan, but Retro-bit will bring a licensed version of it which will release this May. The standard edition will be $35 and the collector's edition, which comes with a special box, pins, and stickers, will be $60.

Wireless Sega Controllers

The Sega Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast controllers return thanks to Retro-bit's partnership with Sega. Bluetooth wireless versions will be available, but price and release date haven't been set yet. These gamepads are compatible with PC, Mac, and Android, but a separate dongle to use these with their original consoles will be available.

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