Retailers agree on $150 Kinect - Retail Radar

E3 2010: GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target all list common price point for Microsoft's camera-based motion-sensing add-on.


LOS ANGELES--With this year's E3, Microsoft has begun to fill in the white spaces surrounding its camera-based motion-sensing add-on to the Xbox 360. Formalizing the device's name as Kinect, the publisher has nailed down a firm November 4 launch date and offered a look at its 15-title launch lineup. Still, Microsoft has thus far withheld one of the most important pieces of information: the price.

Microsoft's new $150 controller?
Microsoft's new $150 controller?

With E3 winding down today, the answer to Kinect's price question isn't likely to come anytime soon...from Microsoft, at least. A range of retailers have now updated their online databases to reflect a $149.99 price point for the Xbox 360 add-on, bolstering rumors that emerged last month. GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target are all under the impression that the device will check in at $150 when it arrives this November.

Microsoft had not responded to requests for comment on the listed price point as of press time.

Formerly known as Project Natal, Kinect adds camera-based motion control to the Xbox 360's input options. As detailed during Microsoft's press conference on Monday, the device also features voice recognition, letting gamers navigate menus by simply voicing commands.

Thus far, 15 games have been announced as launching alongside the device. First-party offerings include Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride, and Kinect Sports. A number of third parties are also on board, developing such titles as EA Sports' Active 2, Konami's DanceMasters, and Sega's Sonic Free Riders. Publishers have also promised postlaunch support, such as a Star Wars game from LucasArts, Q?'s Child of Eden, and THQ's UFC Trainer.

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Avatar image for austinite04

Kinect isn't for Hardcore gaming, so why the $150 price tag?? I don't know many casual gamers that would pay $150 for a camera device.. at least with PS Move you have a trigger button, hence you can play FPS like Mag and many more styles of games.. Move is also CHEAPER.. I did notice MS is losing to PS3, they are only 500k sales ahead of Sony, Which Sony will easily pickup 1 million people this holiday.. I saw the kinect in Best Buy and laughed at the grown men jumping around making themselves look like monkeys.. Sorry but I like controllers.. Sony and Nintendo passed up this company that makes the motion controller in favor of having psychical controllaers and I certainly know why, longevity.. How long will you continue to jump around like a fool???

Avatar image for Lethale123

Pricing has always been steep with new peripherals. $150 sounds great considering the alternative. Just to add. Playstation Move's "set", which is the motion controller and navigation controller will cost around $80 per person plus another $40 for the eyetoy if you don't already have them. 2players-$160 4players= $320. just think about whose robbing who in this situation.

Avatar image for McGregor

I'm going to have to say at anything above a $50 price tag=no deal. If it comes with a game I think you could justify $100, but anything other than that, too expensive. Also, as far as I can tell it looks like an HD playstation Eye. I will say, Sony wins this round of "motion control newbs". Nintendo still gets to say, "we told you so".

Avatar image for Midime19

I hope this is available with the new MGS! If it is, NOM NOM!!!!

Avatar image for swamptick

@ Serious Kinect uses several different infra-red arrays. It can work in complete darkness. It's called the INTERNET. You can research all kinds of wonderful things on it! Hope that helps son! :)

Avatar image for Rahiem1924

Please fix the lag. It will break the wonderful idea.

Avatar image for Ashevillian26

Who could guess that their would be a Sonic & StarWars game @ launch?

Avatar image for shani_boy101

With that horrid line-up of fad launch titles, i don't see any potential or point in buying the Kinect. If they introduced Kinect compatibility with PCs (for the interface) then i definitely would buy one, but for what it is now for $150, no way.

Avatar image for Romeric87

Darn you Microsoft! They are very, very good at marketing their products. XBL is filled with pretty interesting info on the Kinect, but when I look on PSN for details on the Move - nothing. An informed consumer is a money-spending consumer. Again, darn you MS because I want one!

Avatar image for Serentor

@ TheDecoy2124 ofcourse the price blows it away, its bloody expensive, to get all the controllers and the 2nd controller and WITHOUT the camera, you come up to $160 with move, for 2 players! No games included except your old ones, if you own them ofcourse. And thats a fix price. $150 is still in debate over kinect and allows up to 4 players. LBP 2 able to use "move", might aswell connect my keyboard and mouse like they said it would include. And they also make a ton of casual games aimed for the casual players, its not like microsoft was the only one! How awesome. Killzone 3 with move? As if its not hard enough to aim in fps with those in the firstplace. And what i ment with they are gonna take old games and make them "move-able" is that they do that for the increase boost in their launching titles with move, ofcourse thats not all they do geez! Calling me hypocrit? I had to rofl so bad when i saw your reason, I wasnt trying to say something that wasnt a true or a lie, but merely the fact that people should stop hitting on kinect if they dont even know what its gonna be like in the future! Its a new product! You cant work from what eye toy did, eye toy sucked! Move can hint at all the wii games now, and thats what they do too! All you got to see are a few games out of those 15 and those are aimed at the casual gamers. Well, for insulting me, i guess its fair to say that you are a dumb brat in return.

Avatar image for _R34LiTY_

Microsoft Online store has it listed for $150 as well. << LINK REMOVED >> If so, then at that price, it should come bundled with a game. Kinect Sports at the very least...

Avatar image for badman11226

Damn what 150 no thnx man. That too much man, are you kidding me. That shouldnt cost more than 100. If it was 99.99 i would say ok not bad but 150 no thnx u,

Avatar image for TheDecoy2124

@Serentor, First of all, you are a hypocrite. You say that once the kinect is out for a bit longer and developers get more time with it that games will be better, but the move just takes old games and makes them "move-able". I'm sorry, but if you look at the list of Move titles announced it really kind of blows away the kinect, even it's price blows it away. Also, Dead Space Extraction really isn't old at all. In all honesty I don't plan on buying Kinect or Move. I think Sony's won this one though.

Avatar image for Serious

I foresee problems with this. One how does it work in a dark room. In order for this think to see you I would think the room will have to be bright. I noticed during the demo of "Child of Eden" that he was wearing white gloves. I can only assume that so the camera could pick up his hand movements. I like to play games in a dark room at night. I would hate to have to turn on lights to be seen by this thing,

Avatar image for nitromuffin

i dont think i will be getting this . maybe move but i dont play my wii at all. i am sorta motion controlled out

Avatar image for Serentor

bloody hell people, those are just launching titles, you dont even know what they are, there was only like 5 shown. besides that, every console or new innovative idea takes a couple months till it releases good games. do you seriously think that every console on first release had the best games on day 1? hell no, it takes time to develope. geez. wanna know why the "move" is gonna be doing good/ok? because all it does is use old games and make them move-able.

Avatar image for PresidentDman

The real problem for me with Kinetic is the lack of innovation. We have this so called "innovative" piece of hardware but no real "innovative" games to go with it. I can see the potential but I can't see past the gimmick release titles and the $150 price tag.

Avatar image for MagusIM

So the Kinect has 3 camera's. One for color detection and the other 2 for 3D motion sensing. That means it triangulates positions of objects. The Eye toy never had that so its not even comparable. 3D motion capture, built in mic, multiple people can use just one Kinect at the same time. Also PrimeSense says the Kinect Demo only supported 2 players at the same time but sense 4 people and would not comment on what Microsoft implemented.

Avatar image for DerkaDerkaJihad

I'll pick this thing up whenever they drop the price to $50 after months of continuous bad sales. Like No_Surrender said, why shell out $150 for a damn add-on controller when for $50 more I can get myself a brand new console in the Wii? They all must be high on crack if they think I'm going to waste my money on the Kinect.

Avatar image for nonfanboygamer1

Doesn't matter if you bundle this with 30 wii knockoff games, for $150 I'm not buyin.

Avatar image for No_SuRReNDeR

if a game is boring.....controller gimmicks wont matter---period. And seriously why shell out 150 when you can almost by a Wii for that price?...

Avatar image for widdowson91

@langrisser2005: It won't sell well at $150, especially when you take in to consideration that most casual gamers now have a Wii.

Avatar image for starbright_2012

I didn't want one. I saw the press conference and thought it looked pretty solid, my mind was changed, plus the initial rumors of $75 and I was sold. Now I realize stores are just speculating a $150 price tag but if that's the case...Way to go Microsoft, no thank you. I'll go buy a Wii and have a way better selection of games. Impress me the first time to get my sale, this flip-flopping of emotion makes me grow tired and makes me ready to say f' it.

Avatar image for freedomfight_19

i would have been more impressed if they had shown Milo. Milo blew my mind away but if this wii equivalent is all they have to bring to the table, then they can just forget it. PS. i can get an Arcade for $150

Avatar image for grove12345

Seeing Kinect at E3 was both good and bad. It can do some pretty cool stuff, but all the games are your typical Wii gimick crap. So until i see real games for it... ill pass. But looks cooler than me waving a bunch of glowing balls all over the place.

Avatar image for JRazx803

$150 AND I have to buy games on top of it? And all the games are blatant Wii-ripoffs? No thanks. This thing better s8ck and f8ck me for $150

Avatar image for snake3rules

ha 150 this thing will sell like crap ... And @ grovis and swamptick -- preorders can be canceled, and i guarantee the vast majority of those preorders were made before a price was announced ... they are essentially charging the price of a system... its just not good business, especially for a product all hands on analysis seems to indicate is the weakest of the three...

Avatar image for Grovilis

@swamptick Exactly, only the fanboys will say otherwise.

Avatar image for King_Gamer19

If they agree on a $150.00 price tag then I agree NOT! to buy it. Besides it's going to be hanging on the wall in a bag of all the Gamestop stores in three years for about $30.00 any way

Avatar image for swamptick

People think it's going to fail? I doubt it. It is #1 in pre-orders whereas Sony is way, way, WAY down the list. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for nobie05

I agree with jclover, it might just be me but I don't see this new system worth a buck 50 based on the games and cooperation I see. Hopefully the gaming environment gets better or microsoft gets smarter and sends it as a bundle pack for the holidays.

Avatar image for jcloverboy

I know it isn't Microsoft announcing the price....but if they plan on competing this holiday season they will need a better price point than $150 for Kinect if they hope to sell new systems with it.

Avatar image for Serentor

I see how i would like it, i honestly would hate another stick to play with, so im glad microsoft went different. Its hard to aim with them in fps, the sword thing in zelda is nice but kind of simple even tho u do wierd movements, the sorcery game is simple to introduce to kinect aswell, you sit and play with the controller and if you want you can flick with your hands to throw a spell, or yell the name of a spell to activate it or just simply select what you need with the controller. Cool things like pretending to throw a grenade or something is good enough for me if i play a hardcore game, i already feel like im in games when i play with controllers and this would jst include something special that i could choose to do if i wanted to. I dont need to use the motion stick to aim and stuff, its good enough with the controller. but hey, thats my view towards it...

Avatar image for Tommy1240

why is every console ripping off wii ?

Avatar image for pupaboy

I will probably be pre-ordering this too. I am just waiting for the official price. I agree with some of the other posters. Microsoft is going for the casual gamers with this product. Which is a smart move for Microsoft considering mostly hardcore types are already their market. There is a lot of money to made in the casual gaming market. Hopefully, Microsoft will not sell a lot of shovel ware like Nintendo.

Avatar image for cain19822004

I want this, but if they decide to charge £120-£150 for it in the UK, then I guess I'll have to wait for it to come down in price, or wait for a killer game for it, besides, I have a huge list of games that I want to get.

Avatar image for KickbackJack

I remember when I paid 200 dollars for the xbox 360 steering wheel(the one that had the over-heating issues) and recently I saw it at best buy for 40 dollars. Now I am sure this Kinect isn't going to start smoking and blow up like their junky steering wheel but I predict that this product will be laying in the bargin bin because MicroJunk will only make a few games for it and give up on the product.

Avatar image for robayeit

so in the UK it will be about £120 i doubt that, yet again us from UK will be charged about £150 i bet which is ridiculous

Avatar image for langrisser2005

The truth is people will pay whatever they charge. It doesn't matter what the price is, this is gonna sell and sell well. This is intended for the casual audience after all.

Avatar image for MSG-Deathscythe

like this is something new. microsoft had been raping it's fanbase for the longest time ... while the fanboys just respond by saying, "microsoft is just giving us options." so here's another $150.00 option for you after that $100.00 wifi option ... or if you want, you can take the OPTION of just getting rid of that 4th or 9th 360 you have with the alienware pc copycat new 360. it has built in wifi. what! how dare m$ won't give us the OPTION to pay for effin' wifi!

Avatar image for reaper-1978

@ CrimsonKnight52, totaly agree, $150 is to high, it's the same with most things the lower the cost the more sales and with an add-on like kinect the more games they will sell and more cash from 3rd party games..... i need 3 of the dam things and @ $150 it's just too high and will have to wait for a price drop let's just hope Microsoft do the right thing and set the price lower, as with the games i don't want to be spending normal game prices for kinect games at-least not full price on the ms kinect ones maybe a bundle with the kinect sensor or something that would make the $150 sound not too bad at all but if they do that then i hope the sensor is also sold on it's own otherwise this Xmas is going to be well expensive

Avatar image for CrimsonKnight52

I love how everyone is complaining about the price when Microsoft hasn't announced one. Retailers are just speculating and I think they are speculating on the high end of the price range. Simply put though: I won't pay $150 for this and if Microsoft would be foolish to sell it at that price. They need this device in as many homes as possible in order to sell the associated software and get more developers on board.

Avatar image for SeedStorm

i think kinict is a sony ripoff, if you go back to 2006 the game came out to ps2 'Kinetic' that worked with the eyetoy you move around and dancing things like microsoft didt with natal....omg i mean "Kinict"=Kinetic 100%ripoff

Avatar image for WilHiteWarrior

@syx Yeah but $100 for a wireless adapter is also way too much. Especially considering that you can buy them for the a computer for half that. This is just more of Microsofts overpricing BS

Avatar image for OGKNav

What ever happened to good ol fashion controllers?

Avatar image for Flint247

I will wait until Kinect is cheaper. $150 for that is way too much.

Avatar image for syx

Considering they charge $100 for a wireless adapter, it's not that bad.

Avatar image for alruby8

Kinect for 2 players $150- done. Move for 2 players starter kit $100, plus another move controller, plus a navigation controller. That's $180. Then another navigation controller= $210. Nuff said

Avatar image for MAJORLAGGY

Gezz! why not drop an extra $50 and just get a new Wii!