Retail Radar: Wii Tumiki Fighters, 360 Kengo, and more

Katamari-style shooter and samurai swordfighter spotted alongside PS2 Biker Mice From Mars, 360 Chessmaster, exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma collectors edition.

The pastel chaos of Tumiki Fighters.
The pastel chaos of Tumiki Fighters.

The Retail Radar spotted a handful of possibly incoming bogeys on retailer Web sites today, starting with a handful of imports. Online rental service GameFly suggests that a trio of foreign titles are being readied for North American releases, as it has added Tumiki Fighters for the Wii, Kengo Zero for the Xbox 360, and Biker Mice from Mars for the PlayStation 2 to its catalog.

Tumiki Fighters is a freeware PC game from shoot-'em-up designer Kenta Cho, and it brings a Katamari Damacy-style twist to the side-scrolling shooter genre. With simple 3D graphics, Tumiki puts players in control of a ship that can shoot down enemies and then swoop in and attach the wreckage to its own hull for bonus points and protection from enemy attacks. GameFly lists the Wii edition of the game with Majesco as the publisher and a release date to be determined.

The same publisher-release date combo appears on GameFly's listing for Kengo Zero on the Xbox 360. A feudal samurai swordfighting series from Genki, Kengo debuted in the US as Kengo: Master of Bushido for the PlayStation 2. Kengo Zero includes a number of legendary samurai swordsmen, like Musashi Miyamoto and Jubei Yagyu, and features one-on-one fighting, as well as less sporting melees.

The third unannounced import of note comes from entirely different foreign shores. Biker Mice from Mars was originally announced for release last year in Europe by Game Factory, but now the PS2 game has shown up on GameFly's database with a June 30 release date. Game Factory is still listed as the publisher.

In more domestic matters, a listing has gone up on the Web site of US retailer GameStop Ubisoft for Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition on the Xbox 360. The retailer expects the latest installment in Ubisoft's long-running chess simulation to ship in early September and cost $49.99. New Chessmaster games for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS are also listed.

Finally, GameStop is also taking preorders for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Collector's Edition on the PlayStation 3. While little is known about what will be included in the premium pack, it will apparently run gamers $69.99 and ship alongside the regular edition of the game in June. Even more interesting, it is labeled as a GameStop exclusive. A representative with the retailer had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment on the collector's edition's contents as of press time.

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