Retail Radar: Santana, The Killers rock Guitar Hero III

Preorder box lists "Black Magic Woman," "When You Were Young" among new additions to Legends of Rock.


Last week, a poster on the official Guitar Hero forums proclaimed that Santana's "Black Magic Woman" and The Killers' "When You Were Young" had been added to the setlist for the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The poster cited the preorder box for the game at GameStop and EB Games, saying that the songs were among those listed on the back of the box.

Check out the setlist on the bottom right of the box.
Check out the setlist on the bottom right of the box.

While the original post lacked photographic evidence and was met with some skepticism, a follow-up thread did not, as forumgoer Alphadeus posted a somewhat blurry camera-phone picture of the back of the preorder box. Both songs are listed on the box, but there's no indication as to their performers.

While "Black Magic Woman" is most recognizable as a Santana song, it was actually written and recorded first by Fleetwood Mac on the band's 1969 album English Rose. The more familiar Santana version of the song did not appear until the next year, when it anchored the landmark album Abraxas alongside "Oye Como Va." Santana would arguably be a better fit for the game's "Legends of Rock" theme--and a possible boss guitarist along the lines of Slash--but Fleetwood Mac would not be out of place in the Guitar Hero series either.

A RedOctane representative had not responded to a request for comment as of press time.

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