Retail Radar: Saints Row poppin' caps on PS3

EB Games, GameStop post product listings for THQ's previously Xbox 360-exclusive gangbanger for the PlayStation 3.


Conventional wisdom says one of the keys to the next-generation system wars is game exclusivity. While Microsoft has locked up several games as Xbox 360 exclusives--the next edition of Splinter Cell, the upcoming BioShock, and million-shipper Dead Rising to name a few--Sony has reportedly let some exclusives slip through its fingers.

If a product listing on retailers and are any indication, at least one Xbox 360 exclusive is jumping ship for Microsoft's chief rival.

After THQ said it had delayed an unannounced PS3 game yesterday, GameSpot user SporkFireXPS pointed out that the two stores both have a listing for a PlayStation 3 edition of Saints Row, the gang warfare action game from THQ. He wasn't the only one who speculated on that being the game in question, as Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson told investors he believed the mystery game to be a PS3 version of Saints Row.

No details on the PS3 version are listed, except for a ship date of May 15. Saints Row was released on the Xbox 360 in late August, and THQ never announced that the game was PS3 bound.

THQ had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

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