Retail Radar: PSP goes over the Rainbow Six Vegas, gets Rocky 6

Online sites suggest delays, details, release dates, and the first Xbox 360 game to carry a suggested retail price under $20.


The Retail Radar picked up on a listing for an Electronic Arts retro compilation earlier today, but there are a few more incoming bogies to mention, with plenty of activity on the PlayStation Portable front and some news for owners of other systems, as well.

First off, GameStop has a couple new listings for previously unheard of versions of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. Only the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game have been announced officially, but it looks like Ubisoft hasn't forgotten the current-gen consoles or portable gamers just yet, as GameStop is also soliciting preorders for PSP and PlayStation 2 editions of the game.

Product pages have also sprung up on GameStop for a couple more unannounced PSP games. Later this year, the retailer expects to receive shipments of M.A.C.H. from Vivendi Games and Rocky 6 from Ubisoft. There's very little information on the site about either M.A.C.H. (which shares the name of an obscure Commodore 64 action game) or Rocky 6 (presumably based on the upcoming sequel to the big-screen boxing franchise).

In other PSP blips, Namco Bandai's Warhammer WarCry card-battling game apparently has a subtitle now, as GameStop is calling it "Warhammer WaCry [sic]: Battle for Atluma." According to the product page, the game will feature more than 450 cards to collect, wireless multiplayer, the ability to build a custom deck from more than 90 different units, and a thorough tutorial mode.

Also, GameStop isn't expecting the PSP to see Gran Turismo arrive on the portable until 2007. The game's last official release projection date was simply 2006, although that was only announced for Japan. In 2004, Gran Turismo 4 Mobile was among the first wave of games announced for the portable, but it hasn't caused much of a stir since, being noticeably absent from the last two Electronic Entertainment Expos.

There's another possible delay hinted at on the retailer's site in the form of a January 2007 release date for the PS2 role-playing game Rogue Galaxy. It will also be 2007 before the site expects to receive shipments of the 256MB Xbox 360 memory card (March 1, $59.99).

Finally, in good news that you won't have to wait to take advantage of, it appears that Ridge Racer 6 has become the first Xbox 360 game to hit a suggested retail price of $19.99. Pretty much every major online retailer is now offering the game brand new for a third of its original $59.99 tag.

Please note, while retailer listings frequently jump the gun on publishers' product announcements, they should not be taken as final confirmation of a game's existence, nor should the absence of a listing be considered as proof that a game isn't coming to a given platform.

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Avatar image for Slaveways

rogue galaxy most likely delayed? very disappointing

Avatar image for anamnawshad

Riiiiiidge Raceeeer! :lol: Ubi said current-gen sucks (G.R.A.W.) so they are ditching Xbox and PS-2 versions of the game. Now they are going for a PS-2 one! Greeeedy

Avatar image for _AbBaNdOn

That would suck ass if Rogue Galaxy was delayed. Thats one of my most wanted games.

Avatar image for Nirvana08223

I was actually in the filming of the weigh in scene in rocky 6. We werent supposed to be there but we snuck in, signed photo-release papers and got to be in the film. Oh yea, i saw salvester stallone like 5 ft away from me. BTW this was when i was in vegas at the mandalay bay :)

Avatar image for B-bad

Rainbow for the psp..... now that's a surprise if it controls like Socom or Syphon Filter and have goon graphic it maybe a hot release. Why do fanboys hate the PSP so much, having more that one hand-held in the market is a plus. The PSP is really starting to get a better line-up of games (Tekken is awesome) and there are some solid shooters, Socom and Syphon Filter are awesome and proved the psp can do shooters Rainbow will be a welcome addition.

Avatar image for King_Dodongo

they attacked sony's weakpoint for massive damage: PSP next one: blu-ray

Avatar image for billigloo

Rogue Galaxy in 2007!!! hope that's not true

Avatar image for Digital-Devil

Rocky 6...Rocky Vs Viagra

Avatar image for superman2OO7

YESSSSSSSSSSS ! Rocky 6 !!! cmon !!! ;)

Avatar image for Free_Devil_Jam

go psp!

Avatar image for 69GOD69

Socom worked really well, other than that there has only been 1 FPS on the PSP. And anyone saying that the PSP is "Lackluster" try Tekken and shut up.Nothing on the DS can't touch that kind of portable gaming. Best game I've ever played on a handheld. Next to Socom.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

i dont like the shooters for the psp

Avatar image for Chemosh013

solidusScott said: "Ridge Racer? who wants that game? it doesnt even have any giant enemy crabs!" To be fair it's not based on japanese history.

Avatar image for TWalsh3378

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for cesarotromundo

ridge racer 6 is the best!

Avatar image for avamarine

I have gone to myself in my head that the PSP doesn't exist. I know i've bought one but it so lackluster. It justs isn't fun anymore. It something I don't want to support. And in reality, the DS is actually kicking its ass. Everywhere. Nobody ever says hey did you play that one game on the PSP, you got to get it. No, people say, man, that brain age kicks ass. I bow to Nintendo for their intellectual superiority in front of the 200ft Golden Mario statue.

Avatar image for PMC11

rocky isnt a legendary seris, i cant beleive thier making a sequel, just another cash cow that restricts creativity. anyway there isnt really anything to get worked up about the games all sound crappy.

Avatar image for hemakm3

Ridge Racer yes--Rocky no.

Avatar image for jakaloper

Racing games are my favorite type of game but Ridge Racer doesn't even worth 20$ !!

Avatar image for wenbin09

which site can we find such low priced ridge racer?

Avatar image for Digital-Devil

Yaaaay...not really

Avatar image for tbolt_88

wow Rocky 6? I didnt even know that was being made...but i mean come on...they better not ruin the legendary series which is Rocky.

Avatar image for cmac2175

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGGGGGGGGGE RAAACCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEERRR!!!!!!! haha sony has nothing j/k i stilll like sony they provide me with entertainment when i was a wee lad

Avatar image for RazMasters

"Ridge Racer" is awesome, since the physics don't exist, there's no damage modeling, the environments scroll by at blistering granny-stroll speeds, and you'd have better control over sliding an empty cardboard box around on ice. Oh wait, that means it sucks. My bad.

Avatar image for samekila

Now I will buy Ridge Racer I hope a few others follow there is alot of good games coming and I dont wont to wast 59.99 + tax for games with no replay value like gun should be $20 and king kong so we dont waste all are money on the weaker games

Avatar image for ultrazone

Rocky 6? Oh noes!!! I dont wanna play as a Rocky "The Geezer" Balboa...

Avatar image for solidusScott

Ridge Racer? who wants that game? it doesnt even have any giant enemy crabs!

Avatar image for jpfondeur

no GT on my PSP 8.:.(

Avatar image for dadeisvenm

Ubisoft will hopefully learn from GRAW for the Xbox and make ranbow 6 vegas for the ps2 and psp a worth while buy.

Avatar image for deactivated-57af49c27f4e8

i'll get ridge racer when i can find it for about $5 used... achievements... you know. that actually goes for most games :D

Avatar image for hue14

Rocky 6? Woot!

Avatar image for jeebs213

I hope R6 on the PSP isn't a port or we might be looking at a repeat of King Kong on the PSP

Avatar image for xbox_gamer1

I hope theirs more games that sell for $20,Damn my Xbox 360 is waiting for Rainbow 6 Vegas!!!

Avatar image for thekey

Ridge Racer 6 is hella-dope! Too bad the 360 isn't getting 7 but it in reality is 6 with a few new things so We can hold out for Ridge Racer 8 posiblely?

Avatar image for FRoStYisGoD

oo nice

Avatar image for ffgothic

a lot of delays. i don't care. i'm still getting a 360! and RR6 under $20! Score!:D

Avatar image for FOHAMMER

Just think you can get (3) 8 mb ps2 memory cards for $75 8 x 3 = 24 mb For consoles 256 for $60 is good. Please don't compare console parts to PC parts every again. Consoles are sold at a loss PC's are not. They have to make the money from somewhere. Damn Sony sheep think. Sony has been killing us with memory cards for 10 years. Thank god the blu-ray was used in the PS3. The slow read speeds forced Sony to make the HDD standard. If not the Memory stick duos would have been hard on my wallet.

Avatar image for OmegaOrtega

256MB Memory card for the 360? For $59.99? And they say memory sticks for PSP are expensive. You can get a 2GB memory sticks for $59.99, and a 256MB for under $20. You just need to know where to find them :P

Avatar image for timusletap

i m probably gonna get ridge racer 7 though

Avatar image for Digital-Devil

Rogue Galaxy looks good, hope to see it ASAP

Avatar image for Blace_07

I REALLY want to play Rogue Galaxy, so it better not be delayed!.

Avatar image for hazuki

I would've got ridge racer 6 awhile back, but xbox live costs 50$ a year. Ridge racer 7 is 6 but with more, and also free online play. Meaning the 40$ difference could be worth it. Now rocky 6 probably will be renamed, as the new movie in december is called "Rocky Balboa". Good thing to know next-gen games are getting lower in prices though.

Avatar image for lhardwick692

xbox360 needs to concentrate on next gen games--i am so tired of my 360 just sitting here collecting dust

Avatar image for jdbthexboxgamr

hmm,I might have to pick up RR6 for 20.00,I actually liked the demo..........

Avatar image for judgepeter813

i don't believe a word of it

Avatar image for VGMusicFreak

i already heard from a source that rogue galaxy delay is confirmed.

Avatar image for faceman420

more psp ports.. shoot me

Avatar image for goatmeal

Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer!!!!

Avatar image for blackIceJoe

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas on the PSP would be cool to see.

Avatar image for ragincoley86

I'll throw away $20 for ridge racer.

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