Retail Radar: PS3 F.E.A.R and Oblivion pushed to 2007

[UPDATE] GameStop and EB Games are now listing Bethesda's RPG and Vivendi's FPS as not coming until early next year; latter delay now official.


As it held its Gamers' Day event in San Francisco, Sony announced the launch lineup for the PlayStation 3. The list had 21 games, including the PS3 edition of Bethesda Softworks' critically lauded role-playing game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Vivendi's acclaimed first-person shooter F.E.A.R. Sony said all the games on the list would be "available through the holidays," which traditionally means the end of the year.

However, now it appears that timeframe may extend to some 2007 holidays. The product pages at both and now list Oblivion as shipping January 1, New Year's Day, and F.E.A.R. shipping on February 6, when Jamaicans celebrate Bob Marley Day.

Could the new dates be errors in and's shared database? Given the two sites' history of revealing delays before publishers do, that seems unlikely. However, the dual PS3 delays are still not official. Vivendi reps declined to comment on the new F.E.A.R. ship date. [UPDATE] However, Bethesda Softworks has now officially confirmed that the PS3 Oblivion is a "Q1 2007 title."

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Well at least next year their are going be some really good games ... (OBLIVION! can't wait)

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Well I'm not getting a ps3 this year anyway :(

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I kind of feel bad for the Sony fanboys at this time it seems nothing but bad news for them. I pity the fool who doesn't own a 360!!! Ok sorry about that, yeah hope you guys enjoy you Resistance and Final Fantasy at launch. I think that's the only thing left for you to enjoy at launch.

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Im not sure about FEAR but I know Oblivion got pushed back...and also theres no NBA LIVE 07 or Sonic either at launch...if they also lose FEAR thats 4 games getting delayed. That sucks.......this does look like the 360 launch all over again.....can't wait to hear about dead consoles next....

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They also have a history of being wrong Gamespot. Why don't we wait for confirmation before you move back the release date?

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soleil_heat91 Resistance mediocre??? Its better than gears of war and I have played both. Is it the Halo KIller that Killzone was supposed to be? lol

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Resistance mediocre??? Its better than gears of war and I have played both.

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Maybe Sony should have paid less attention to the plight of the 360 core system owners and a little more attention to the compnies developing for them.

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ouch ps3 launch titles are droping like flies tons of launch games have been delayed like sonic oblivion fear rainbow six warhawk motorstrom unreal 2007 heavenly sword stronghold canceld launch games pro evolution smackdown 2007 nba live 07 now all thats left is some crap medocre games like genji,rr7,resisitence and untolld garbage.

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I won't get a ps3 till this summer I don't care they can delay all the games ( till this summer)

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Thats for all the sony fanboys that said the 360 launch lineup was weak. Looks like the PS3 launch lineup is even weaker. Resistance is the only good game but I'd still take Gears of War over that any day.

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I guess they could fix most of the bugs in this time but still im anxious to get this game!!!! I played it yesterday at my friends house and now im even more addicted

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A bit late on the news. But why is it that those titles get mocked for being multiplatform, and when they're delayed, it's a doom scenario?

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january and febuary is still pretty close to the end of o6, so other words, i dont care unless its coming out december 07.

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Well I am not really excited about the PS3 launch, because most of these games are out or are going to be out for the 360. I'll get excited when the big games are available! Till then my wallet is shut!

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More bad news for PS3. I'm getting the feeling that the PS3 was rushed and that the developers did not have enough time to complete their games. We will have to wait at least a year and a half before the PS3 gets a decent library. The only reason PS3 will continue to be popular is because Square Enix is making FF13 a PS3 exclusive. If FF13 was going to be a 360 exclusive, half of japan would already own an Xbox 360. A system is only as good as its games...

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I think it wouldbe better if its delayed they could futher improve the games and/or fix all the bugs

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Odd, but somehow I imagine it's probably better for them to be delayed. There's always that glut of before the holidays, but then it's dead quiet those first few months. I wouldn't be surprised if this actually helps sales since come mid-Feb people will be starving for something new.

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If PS3 survives all this bad news, I'll be amazed. seriously.

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"reklund" True, Magic box had good reviews from Famitsu for RR7, R:FOM and Gundam not mentined on this site... and as of now they out on day one. tThe genji review and delays (if true) still bad news but for some balance :-) Ridge Racer 7 (PS3, Namco Bandai): 9, 9, 9, 9 - (36/40) Reviewers are very content with the game, especially with the extensive content. Graphics and sounds are overwhelming Genji: Kamui Souran (PS3, Sony): 7, 7, 7, 8 - (29/40) Good control, extensive content and accessiblity for beginners, but there are some camera problems. Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3, Sony): 9, 8, 8, 8 - (33/40) The play mechanics are typical first person shooters, but the online duals are excellent, and have high qualitative value. Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight (PS3, Namco Bandai): 8, 8, 8, 8 - (32/40) - The character models are outstanding, it is fun that you can destroy everything in the stage

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meh... No difference to me even if it is true... (UK)

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Hey i wish there was only one game at launch so that they( retailers) wont bundle us to death.

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well if the only site you read is gamespot, nothing about the PS3 is good. i was happy when I switched to a gamespot complete account away from IGN, but for the last six months it's hard to ignore that all the bad PS3 news gets covered here, and none of the good. Just glance at IGN or 1up or anywhere else, it's very clear. I'd love to know why there's such a bias here, because it is still the best site, but there really is a bias. An example besides the 'only bad news gets covered' thing: rather than talk about MotorStorm and how awesome it is like other sites, they do a blowout review of Genji, the least-impressive PS3 launch title there is. And keep coming with the bad news... It's getting a little bit too obvious. Now I'm not saying that they should gush, but there are a lot of people having an awesome time with their test units, reports of that are all over the net. Things to buy at launch for PS3? Resistance, blu-ray movies, any of the recent AAA PS2 titles like Bully or FF XII, MotorStorm, NBA 2K7, the list is reasonably long. Seriously, compare it to the list of 360 titles that are AAA: Oblivion, GoW, maybe F.E.A.R., maybe GRAW... that's about it (trust me, I've had a 360 since launch). What bothers me most about 360? They had a year head start and still haven't dropped Halo on us. All the hardcore Halo players hate playing it on 360 because of the emulation lag (not net lag, emulation lag), even just Halo 2.5 360 edition would have made sense. GoW is fantastic, (like wow, really good) but it's not Halo.

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All the games just keep dropping now Sonic has been delayed.

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back whn PS2, everyday gave me a new reason to pick one up on day one (I got a Walmart bundle 3 days after)... this time around its just one reason after the next to wait and see... The Genji review is just sad, lets hope for Resistace.

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well seeing as how gamespot just gave Genji a hilarious 6.4, I guess the only good game at launch is resistance now, and I'd rather play Gears and Zelda. Thnaks but no thanks Sony, maybe 10 years from now, as is your "projected" lifespan for the paperweight you call a PS3.

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LOL.... so, what IS going to be worth buying for the ps3 at launch? (nothing?)

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well that shows that ps2 sucks... all i hear about ps3 is bad news... from wii.. good news... from 360... pretty damn good news.. ps3 is goind down hill my friends...

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Makes sense. There is no point in launching a game for so few users.

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el3fitness will i be able to to play ps3 on line vs. ps2 players ============================================================ Be happy if you will even be able to play against PS3 players. Sorry, that was set up on a tee. Just had to. Just a joke, let's see which fanboys don't realize that.

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oh well, more time to save some money to buy those games.

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Unstoppable_1 For a system that costs 600$ they should be sublime. yep. just rushing out junk to meet launch.

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Oblivion promised at launch but pushed back this sounds familiar. hmm

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will i be able to to play ps3 on line vs. ps2 players

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Another nail in the coffin. First two PS3 games are barely above average... For a system that costs 600$ they sho uld be sublime..

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If you think about it, this news only affects 500,000 people worldwide.

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It's ok ... not joining the PS3 queue until it's REALLY stable and ready!

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Only 21 games into the beginning of January? They better be some good ones in order to keep up with Nintendo and Microsoft.

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Chubbums Chubbums Click this link and look at 10 rating next to the first game. Can you really take this person seriously. If Pony is not in title then he must of changed it out of embarrassment. ========================================================= What? That game was hot! The pony animation was right on, and the relationship between the princess, the pony and the rainbow???? Heartbreaking.

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Ouch. The PS3 is having another bad week. But this close to launch, I don't think this will affect in any way the people who have saved up for the system. It will sell out at launch, no question about that. (though, given the number of systems available, imagine if it didn't! LOL)

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This probably won't affect the majority of gamers, since only a few will have the PS3 by then. However, it's still a slap in the face for Sony seeing as I've already been playing these games on my X360. BTW, Gears of War pwns!!!

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I'm no fanboy of any console, but in my eyes it seems as if Sony need to start dishing out some top-notch titles by the time it's launched in the UK, and they'd better hope their hardware holds up better than the 360's did. The 360's launch line-up was poor, but the price made it an attractive option. Come this christmas the kids are gonna be buying Wii's and 360's in droves!

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Why does this news not matter to me?

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"blueflamedino Fanboyisms stink. Why do you want all but one system to fail. I like choice, I want everything, shouldn't you." *bows head* Amen.

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blueflamedino Even South Park last night pointed out that isms are bad and are the cost of war, so why be one? Be fair to yourself like a gamer should and get the best of what each has to offer. ============================================================= Capitalism has nothing to do with it. This is a simple case of "your mother is fat and ugly", "Oh yeah, well YOUR mother's on welfare!". Just updated for the tech age.

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Fanboyisms stink. Why do you want all but one system to fail. I like choice, I want everything, shouldn't you. Why miss out on Halo because you love Sony, why miss out on Zelda because you love Xbox 360 only, I will never uderstand how us Americans hate capitalism for what it is but love it bcause of its fundamental ideas. Even South Park last night pointed out that isms are bad and are the cost of war, so why be one? Be fair to yourself like a gamer should and get the best of what each has to offer.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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"Tony-Baxter Let's not even count Sony as a gaming company anymore. I've heard that parents are always with their kids, and probably your pet still loves you... The rest of us are rolling our eyes and wondering why you bothered to post.

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Ouch... guess the only game worth on the ps3 is resistance. And that`s a WWII FPS with aliens... witch is sad.