Retail Radar: Oblivion expansion, Bully and Splinter Cell collector's editions

Online retailer lists Knights of the White Stallion expansion for popular PC role-playing game, premium packages for two anticipated releases.


Bethesda Softworks' The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been one of the most popular games thus far to embrace micropayments, selling additional game content to players for small sums of money after the initial purchase. The company has already released seven content packs for its PC and Xbox 360 role-playing game, charging $.99 to $2.99 for add-ons that range from horse armor to new dungeons, locations, and side quests.

In addition to being somewhat controversial among gamers, the add-ons have raised questions about how Bethesda would handle possible expansion packs to its game. With The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the company released a pair of expansion packs for the PC version of the game, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and later on compiled them with the original game for the Morrowind Game of the Year edition on Xbox.

A product listing spotted on today (pictured above) only raises more questions, as the online retailer is accepting preorders for the Knights of the White Stallion Expansion Pack for the PC version of the game. Or was, at any rate. Shortly after GameSpot sent a request for comment to Bethesda, the listing disappeared from the retailer's site. GameStop was asking $19.99 for the expansion, and listed it with a November 21 shipping date. The page included no other information on the pack, and a search for an Xbox 360 counterpart page yielded no results.

Still up on the site (as of press time, at least) are limited edition premium packages for Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the Xbox 360 and Bully on the PlayStation 2. The limited edition of Rockstar Games' controversial schoolyard action game is advertised as a GameStop/EB Games exclusive, and includes an official Bullworth Academy dodgeball and a Bully comic book with the game for $49.99. For Sam Fischer's latest exploits, GameStop lists the $69.99 collector's edition as including special packaging and a bonus DVD featuring a documentary titled True Life of a Cover Operative, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game, interviews with series voice actor Michael Ironside, tips and tricks, mini-Web films, and more.

Finally, for gamers with anger-management issues prone to hurling controllers across the room, help could be on the way. GameStop is listing a NERF-branded PS2 controller for release later this year from peripheral manufacturer Pelican. Frustrated gamers are still advised to keep their tempers in check, however, as nothing hurts quite like NERF in the eye.

Please note, while retailer listings frequently jump the gun on publishers' product announcements, they should not be taken as final confirmation of a game's existence, nor should the absence of a listing be considered as proof that a game isn't coming to a given platform.

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I wonder if expansions for 360 games (if any ever come out) will have 1000 gamerpoints?

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Maybe they'll get rid of the invisible wall and put and island out at sea. a floating island?

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Alright! oblivion mod, though for 20 I have a feeling it's a module rather then an expansion. Sucks because Oblivion had so much potential but the level system and the pay for mods really screwed it. On the other hand I can get free mods and fix the level system... why?? BECAUSE I'M ON THE PC!

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sharder1234 sharder1234 Haha PC wins, consoles lose. It will probably be like Morrowind so the ha ha is on you mate.

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go pc, though i hate and love upgrading

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Haha PC wins, consoles lose.

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To Maximo1 that was probably because you had a jacked-up PC. If you keep them up to date with drivers and patches, you'll not usually have a problem. No one I know with the PC version had any issues at all (other than an occasional extremely tiny glitch or two). I love how people rip on games for being buggy on their PCs but they don't take the time to patch up or install the latest drivers or even more egregious, they have crappy hardware from like 2 years ago and wonder why their supposedly 'hot' system can't play the latest and greatest games on high with all the bells and whistles. You are probaby best off playing it on your Xbox360 if that's the case, after all. Looking forward to the Oblivion expansion. Cool that it's coming out first for PC, I like that trend. :)

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lmao, did anyone else notice that this "supposed" Oblivion expansion is known as Kows? The kingdom of Tamriel is overrun by vicious bovine and it is up to you to herd them up!

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Knights of the White Stallion? So you have Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal, Oblivion and...Knights of the White Stallion? WTF. Why not call it "Knights in White Satin" :p

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Splinter Cell Special Edition again? This time I better not get some half-assed second disc with crap already on the net.

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ocdog45 NOT INTRESTED ON ANY OF THIS. thanks for taking the time to comment on how you are not interested. That's very constructive. any way i hope they release it over live or as a stand alone disc that can load onto my hdd either way iwant it

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Speaking of bugs. I sold my pc version on ebay and bought it for the 360. I haven't experienced any bugs yet. The pc version would randomly shut down and do other strange things.

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is an expansion really necesary for oblivion?

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Don't buy collector's editions of games! You people who do are why we have to pay over $50 for some regular games, now.

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Dang that would be awesome if an expansion was released..

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it would be great to be able to download the expansion off the marketplace rather than having to buy a hard copy of it. hopefully they can do something there.

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I'm almost positive they'll find a way to capitalize on the 360 version of Oblivion's success with some sort of expansion.. it would be stupid not to.

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i wonder how u would expand on OBLIVION?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Wish the 360 version of Oblivion didn't have to miss out on all the mods. Now it might miss out on the expansion.

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If they are makeing a expansion.. they should put in the add-ons they made into it too =P

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Bully is getting released!! cool! gonna get it:D

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How come GameSpot insist on spelling it "Sam Fischer" this is the second article today.... it's "Sam Fisher".. gah

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Bully ay? The OFLC with be sharpening their knives. Bastards.

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lol, I doubt the oblivion expansion will be $19.99 ... more like $29.99 or even $39.99

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love all the extra 360 stuff in oblivion. i've purchased them all. If u don't like it don't get it simple as that

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Patch Oblivion first. I get Ridiculous slow downs when npcs are on screen. I have 500mhz above the rec CPU spec and have enable multi-threading. Please fix the dang game.

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Hahah... Oblivion expansion. The game isn't even fixed yet.

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"doolies I don't want an expansion, I want a patch that will fix the gazillion bugs that are present in Oblivion. " See, I'm not the only one. It's still the best game though, but fixing the bugs will make it perfect

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Now I downloaded two add-ons for the 360 Oblivion, and then I heard that an update for the PC had come out. So was that Update on the add-ons to the 360 version, and did it fix some of the 360 bugs?

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That would be cool if they expanded Oblivion!

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NERF controller FTW! =P

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all praise be to connect24!

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hopeful they will unclude a rebiuid quest that rebuilds kvatch. I have the awesome mod but it would be cool to have a quest to rebuild it. Rather than just city with nothing to in.

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I hope Oblivion gets an expansion, I'd buy it even though Oblivion sucks compared to Morrowind. I can't stand these small add-ons.. i"ll never pay for cheap stuff like that (should be free).

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I didn't get World of Warcraft because I hate the idea of paying more for a game you've already purchased, therefore I would find it hard to justify paying more and more for extra content in a game. oh and that nerf

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what a ripoff... i hate these freaking micropayments crap.. seriously....

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nothing i really care about

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Oblivion is an amazing game. I've never played a game with that many hours of original, non-quest grinding content. Now, in the game, the Knights of the White Stallion was pretty lame, but it would serve as a launching pad for good content. Hopefully, this is a possibility for the 360. If not... well. Crap.

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I don't like the sound of that expansion pack, they already had a quest line for the Knights of the White Stallion and it wasn't spectacular either. I don't see where it could go.

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I don't want an expansion, I want a patch that will fix the gazillion bugs that are present in Oblivion.

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I want a dragon as a pet.

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I want a bloodmoon type expansion, with werewolves and crap, that would be awesome and hopefully they could release a 360 version as thats the Oblivion I own, and its too an expansion isnt confirmed

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Its to bad I already own Elder Scrolls IV.

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The Oblivion expansion will be good

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Bully sounds like a game I have no interest in playing.And there is noooo way in hell I'm paying 10 extra dollars for a few interviews and behind the scenes.When I could probably just download all that crap off the internet if I really wanted it.

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Awesome. I can't wait for the Oblivion expansion. Just one more excuse to spend my life in Tamriel.

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Bully Dodgeball sounds awesome.