Retail Radar: Mario Red, Ice Blue DS freezing Black Friday

Leaker of last year's metallic rose and gold Thanksgiving blow-out bundles sleuths out two new colors for Nintendo's popular portable.


New Super Mario Bros.
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

Does the photo to the right look familiar? It may, for those who remember back to last year when leaked Nintendo's Thanksgiving plans for its widely popular handheld the DS. Nearly two months before Nintendo officially unveiled the metallic rose and gold-hued handhelds, the aforementioned deal sniffer sleuthed out the new colors in an in-production Sears catalog flyer promoting Black Friday bargains.

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It appears as if has done it again, and once again, the offending flyer is attributed to Sears. As per the listing, Sears will be offering two new DS bundles as part of a "Doorbuster Friday 5 a.m.-Noon Only." One bundle includes an Ice Blue DS, a similarly colored case, and a copy of the original Brain Age. The other packs a Mario Red DS emblazoned with the Italian plumber's iconic "M" and a copy of New Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo had not responded to requests for comment concerning the bundles as of press time. It should be noted that after the metallic rose DS's special-edition run in November, Nintendo opted to add the hue to its burgeoning rainbow of standard-edition SKUs by the following May.

The Sears flyer lists the bundles as $149.99 each.

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