Retail Radar: Halo 3 accessories, various imports

[UPDATE] Microsoft confirms custom 360 controllers and a wireless headset for Bungie's shooter; Retailers list US dates for Orochi Warriors 360 and PS2, Daisenryaku Exceed for PS2, and Front Mission 1st for DS.

Click to see both pads.
Click to see both pads.

The latest sweep of the Retail Radar picked up an international assortment of possibly incoming releases, with a slate of Halo 3-branded accessories for the distinctly American Xbox 360 shooter, and a trio of Japanese games possibly making their way to US shores.

While Microsoft is already offering a full selection of Halo 3 packages, the publisher apparently has more plans in store to capitalize on the series' highly anticipated Xbox 360 debut. GameStop is listing product pages for two Xbox 360 controllers with Halo art designs--one for the Covenant and one for the Spartans--as well as a Halo 3-branded wireless headset.

For discriminating Spartans.
For discriminating Spartans.

All three peripherals are expected to ship September 4 with a $59.99 price tag. That's the same price as the unbranded wireless headset, but a $10 premium over Microsoft's standard Xbox 360 pads. According to the product descriptions, the controllers feature original artwork from Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and come packed with a Halo 3 figurine from McFarlane Toys.

[UPDATE] On Wednesday morning, Microsoft confirmed the controllers were coming "before" Halo 3's launch. "Designed with original artwork by legendary Spawn artist Todd McFarlane, they will be available in either the Covenant Brute or Master Chief themes," the company said in a statement. Microsoft confirmed each controller will be packaged with a "limited edition Halo 3 collectible figurine" created by McFarlane Toys will indeed sell for $59.99. The "Spartan green and gold" wireless headset was also confirmed.

In slightly less mainstream matters, a number of heretofore import-only games showed up on retailer Web sites recently as well. First of all, GameStop is taking preorders for Square Enix's DS turn-based strategy game Front Mission 1st, a remake of the original turn-based Super Nintendo strategy game. GameStop lists it with a $34.99 price tag and an expected October 2 release date.

Rental service GameFly is allowing subscribers to add some other interesting imports to their queues, specifically Koei's Orochi Warriors for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, and Daisenryaku Exceed for the PS2. Orochi Warriors is a crossover action game featuring characters from Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors, while Daisenryaku is a long-running series of military turn-based strategy titles, last seen in the US in 2005 with Dai Senryaku VII for the Xbox. GameFly expects Orochi Warriors to arrive for both systems on September 27, preceded by an August 31 release for Dainsenryaku Exceed.

Please note, while retailer listings frequently jump the gun on publishers' product announcements, they should not be taken as final confirmation of a game's existence; nor should the absence of a listing be considered as proof that a game isn't coming to a given platform.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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im a halo fanatic but no....just looks like ..... its just not me ya know...

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The headset doesn't look that bad, i might get it. but the controllers look like a 3 year old drew them! i mean come on if your gunna make a 360 controller with master chief on it, then put a realistic looking master chief on it, not a horrible looking one!

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Rudy_Roughnight the controller comes with what comes with the eliete contoller its this << LINK REMOVED >> but halo 3

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why is this in the ps2 tab?

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Why in the world would I buy a $60 controller just because it has Halo on it? No thanks. Halo's cool and all but I'm not spending 20% more money on a controller. The headset looks good but if it's the same as quality of the first wireless, then most likely it's garbage. I'm lucky I was able to find a classic Xbox headset at my local EBGames. If I get thumbs down rating, it's only by Halo fanboy morons.

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Just thought I'd throw out for anyone that says only Halo fan boys like Halo... over like 5 million people have already pre-ordered the game... that's a hell of a lot of fan boys.

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what is the best headset to use with the 360? if the wireless headset is crap, the headset that comes with the system is crap, what is the best headset to use??

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Also Cap_N_Crunch it's for what you said about the price tags for Halo 3 collection is higher but the mic isn't crap and I don't think you even tried it, Xaovagon if you think Killzone 2 is better then that's you think, check the review for Halo 3, and cheruboo please don't say stuff like that.

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Halo 3 controllers look cool including the wireless headset, well I have 2 controllers one wired and wireless, the color change for the mic looks good but not looks kind of the white mic, Halo 3 will be the greatest game ever.

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controllers look pretty horrible, not as bad as the halo 3 360 though, but the halo3 360 is worth buyin only because its has a HDMI port for a cheaper price than the elite

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even though i just bought a 360 for the fact of getting halo 3 even though im somewhat of a sony fanboy... that controller... a little tacky?....

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All other complaints aside, those are probably the two ugliest controllers I have ever seen.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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the wireless headset looks cool but then again i can't see it when i have it on.

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what a waste of money for the controllers and headset (shakes head)

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nah, im good with my pre-order of halo3 limited edition.

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Im looking forword to getting the collectors addition with the wireless headset too!

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sveeet. i only got 3 plus its todd mcFarlane!! as for milking well yah but halo isnt dead it'll juts be the master chief that dies.

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Just a couple of pointless examples of Microsoft capitalising on the popularity of Halo. Hard to tell from those small pictures, but usually branded accessories can look quite third party and cheap. The only Halo related product I'll be buying this year will be Halo 3. The version without the Spartan helmet.

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Pretty good but not i'll pass no way i am going so much cash just for a controller when i already have 2

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I bet that controller will be more stunning than the game itself : -P

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not bad for the halo fanboys, I'll pass though.

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Psychotix666 rather just get a plain black controller than those...

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The wireless headset looks ugly. But the controllers look sweet.

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meh, I dont care about that crap all I care about is getting the legendary edition, which I already "own" (reservation fully paid)

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they are going to milk as much money as possible from halo 3....dont blame them but....

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Being an Import gamer can be expensive, glad to see GameFly helping us out by offering import rentals. Not exactly the best of the import crop, but it's a start. Hopefully they will do Wii imports as well, since it's so popular in Japan. There are tons of games I would love to import for my Wii that I know will never come to the states (I'm talking about you Go! Go! Minon!).

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Pretty smart on MS for the most part. No matter how many complaints we'll here on here about how we've already got one and blah..blah...people will pay for it. I think it's a nice touch so...meh. Also, I'm not crazy about the art work either, however I think it would've been nice to get the artist's signature in there somewhere...especially since they'll be limited.

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elite_ferns1 , Maybe Bungie and MS both know that HALO 3 will live up to all the hype...

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again (IMO) those look ugly they should've just had a contest to see which fan could design the best controller, headset art than let us vote

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now if squenix would just release front mission 5 in the us....

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WOW, Talk about fat cats getting fatter, there's also a ZUNE Halo Edition comming soon to retailers.... dont forget to pick it up in suppot of your local fat cat.

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Controllers are pretty ugly IMO. Looks like McFarlane is out of his element drawing scifi space things. And the headset, I already have one and like it just fine, no point in getting one repainted Spartan armor green.

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Oh and for the record, the wireless headset is a piece of crap anyways. the mic is terrible and everyone else can hear feedback from them no matter what. I think they should have looked to fix/redesign the headset rather than changing the color and selling the same trash for a presumably higher price.

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thats cool i guess

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elite_ferns1 said: "Microsoft really has to limit the amount of hype they are putting on one game because this causes disappointments and puts enormous pressures on the development teams." As much as the products/accessories etc that they are releasing may have the Microsoft wagon pulling it, the hype from Bungie has far surpassed the hype MS has put forth. If you read the Bungie site, see any Bungie vids or even watch the Halo 3 dev vid they put on Xbox Live recently, you can see that Bungie is ramping this thing up be be the biggest game of all time, not Microsoft. I think it's wrong to assume MS is setting them up for a disappointment when the team behind the game seem to think this game is holier than thou anyway. Just my two cents.

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wow man too much stuff, i like halo but wow that is a lot of crap slapped with halo on it

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Killzone 1 was said to be great and it turned out like just another shooter. Killzone could hardly compare to halo 2 or 1. I don't think we should expect killzone 2 to be as good as halo 3. As a hardcore halo fan, i find it kind of embarassing that all these halo things are being sold. Microsoft really has to limit the amount of hype they are putting on one game because this causes dissapointments and puts enormous pressures on the developement teams.

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nice :)

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Xaovagon Killzone 2 will be much better, and will have better graphics, gameplay.the only reason Halo3 will be popular will be all the uber-halo fanatics trying to get their hands on every little article of crap that says Halo 3 on it. Sony will show Killzone 2 and everyone will forget about "Halo3" ``` im not a huge fan of halo to be honest...but my god that just ignorant

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Awesome looking headset. There bringing out Halo Zunes as well but who the heck has a zune anyway?

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Jakattaaaaaaak I was really hopin they would make a h3 edition xbox just wait for time

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Killzone 2 will be much better, and will have better graphics, gameplay. the only reason Halo3 will be popular will be all the uber-halo fanatics trying to get their hands on every little article of crap that says Halo 3 on it. Sony will show Killzone 2 and everyone will forget about "Halo 3"

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I was really hopin they would make a h3 edition xbox :(

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you're all a bunch of consumer whores

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Personally, i like the black elite controller more than those, but ill prob get the headset since i need one anyway.

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wow... that is pretty stupid if you ask me, alls it is, Microsoft trying to get a buck out of anyone by slapping a Halo 3 logo.

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i agree with rav44. but also put surroundsound and a screen in the visor... I am totally kidding of course. Bungie; good job. You know how to make the money