Retail Radar: Brain Age 2 and Picross DS, new SCEA games, no MGS4 until '08?

GameStop puts up product pages for Nintendo puzzlers and seven first-party games for Sony systems, suggests a wait for anticipated Konami PS3 title.


Last week saw a flood of new game announcements, but there could be many more on the way, as the Retail Radar has spotted a slew of previously unannounced titles at the online store of retailer GameStop, including a pair of Nintendo titles for the DS and seven first-party games for Sony platforms.

On the DS, GameStop has listings up for Brain Age 2 and Picross on the Nintendo DS. After the sales success of the original Brain Age, a domestic release for the sequel was assumed, but Nintendo hasn't yet announced any details about it. GameStop currently lists the game as an August 1 release with a $19.99 price point.

Much less assured is the US release of Picross. While the Picross series of puzzle games has seen more than a dozen installments grace Nintendo systems in Japan, only the GameBoy original made it over to the US, released in 1995 as Mario's Picross. The series challenges players to use logic in filling in a grid of squares based on numerical cues that border the playfield. Filling in the puzzle properly creates simple pictures in the grid. GameStop is listing Picross for the DS with a July 30 release date for $19.99.

GameStop is also listing a full slate of Sony games, with a focus on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable releases. There appears to be only one listing for an unannounced PlayStation 3 game on the site, and that's Folklore. Not all is right with that product page, however, as the retailer claims that the game usually ships in 24 hours. The attached screenshots also depict a racing game, perhaps the least likely genre for a game called "Folklore."

On the PlayStation Portable, GameStop has listings for SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Tactical Strike (October 2), Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (September 4), and a domestic release for Pursuit Force 2 (September 25). The PlayStation 2 section of GameStop also features some eyebrow-raising preorders, including SingStar Amped (August 7 with or without microphones), Buzz! Big Quiz Mega Quiz (October 2), and Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party (October 2). While the game is popular abroad, this would be the first time Sony's Buzz! trivia series has made it to the US.

Finally, GameStop is listing the release date of Metal Gear Solid 4 as March 1, 2008. A trailer for the game had originally pegged a 2007 release date for the game, though it didn't specify for which regions.

As of press time, representatives from Konami, Nintendo, and Sony had not returned requests for comment about the listings.

Please note, while retailer listings frequently jump the gun on publishers' product announcements, they should not be taken as final confirmation of a game's existence; nor should the absence of a listing be considered as proof that a game isn't coming to a given platform.

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