Retail is Condemned

Sega ships first-person survival horror Xbox 360 game; players investigate crime scenes, hunt down serial killer.


Early this month, Sega announced that Condemned: Criminal Origins had finished development. It was elementary, dear Watson, that the next step for the detective game would be its shipping to stores. Sega has confirmed that Condemned is now available for the Xbox 360 and is rated M for Mature with a $59.99 price tag.

Condemned lets gamers try out the life of a crime scene investigator on the trail of a psychotic serial killer without the fear of being a real-life pawn in a real-life sicko's game. Gaming gumshoes will use various forensic tools to get clues and have lab coats analyze data.

It's not all plastic baggies and latex gloves, though. While on the trail of a murderer, protagonist Ethan Thomas will beat in the brains of drug addicts and other would-be assailants with improvised weapons such as lead pipes. What's more, Ethan has twisted visions--from the perspective of the killer!

For more information on Condemned: Criminal Origins, take a look at GameSpot's previous coverage, and check back at the end of the week for a full review.

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