Retail catches Cold War

DreamCatcher Games ships PC and Xbox stealth action of '80s international intrigue to stores.


Cold War

War games are big these days. It seems there's a game dedicated to every specialized group of the armed forces for every major war of the last century (each created in the style of the iconic war movie of the period, from Saving Private Ryan to Black Hawk Down). Oddly enough, the Cold War hasn't received much love from developers, and certainly not in the form of a game that mimics the visual style of Rocky IV. Well that changes a little today as DreamCatcher Games has shipped Cold War for the PC and Xbox to North American stores.

Cold War follows the story of American freelance journalist Matt Carter, who arrives in Moscow at the height of Cold War tensions and is quickly framed for a murder, stripped of all possessions, beaten silly, and tossed in a KGB prison. As Carter, players must escape from prison and unravel an international conspiracy aiming to seize control of the USSR. Along the way, Carter must make use of improvised gadgets and a camera outfitted with X-ray capabilities to make his way around the game's real-world environments, including Lenin's mausoleum, Chernobyl, and the Kremlin.

Cold War is rated T for Teen and retails for $39.99 on the PC and $19.99 on the Xbox.

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