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Respawn Unveils Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Via New Launch Trailer

The trailer revealed some of the new features players can expect to see this season--including a surprising debut legend and the mobile game's equivalent of an Heirloom Weapon.


Apex Legends Mobile developer Respawn Entertainment released the mobile game's third seasonal battle pass battle last week, but today, devs finally unveiled the upcoming season of Apex Mobile via the Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions launch trailer. The trailer reveals that Season 3's debut legend is Ash, marking the first time Apex Legends Mobile has launched a new season without a new mobile-exclusive legend, instead opting to bring in another character from Apex on console and PC.

The trailer also depicts The Constellation, Fade's Signature Weapon. Signature Weapons are the mobile game's equivalent of Heirloom Weapons--purely cosmetic melee weapons that first debuted in the console and PC version of Apex. These weapons have a plethora of interesting inspection animations, and their unique appearance give gameplay a little more flavor and help players stand out from the crowd. Heirloom Weapons are aesthetic in nature and don't provide players with any sort of gameplay advantage, so the mobile game's Signature Weapons will likely function similarly. But Signature Weapons do differ from Heirloom Weapons in one way: It seems their appearance may change mid-battle.

Near the end of the trailer, Fade strikes Bloodhound down with The Constellation, which is effectively a set of Wolverine-esque claw-knuckles that appear to be made of the same void-enveloped material as Ash's sword and Wraith's Kunai knife. But moments later, Ash and her sword make a surprise appearance, narrowly missing Fade with her blade. As the trailer ends, we get a close-up shot of the legends' weapons about to clash as they charge into battle, and it's clear that Fade's Signature Weapon has transformed--the Wolverine claws have been replaced with a set of void-emanating brass knuckles that are as long as a Bocek bow, indicating The Constellation may share some features with Prestige skins, the upgradeable cosmetic skins available in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends.

Prestige skins transform their appearance as players rack up damage, giving players three versions of the skin to choose from. Once the final version of the skin is unlocked, a Prestige skin-exclusive finisher animation is also unlocked. It's possible that The Constellation will function similarly to both Prestige skins and Heirloom Weapons.

Fade's Signature Weapon initially appears to resemble Wolverine's metal claws, but later changes shape near the end of the trailer.
Fade's Signature Weapon initially appears to resemble Wolverine's metal claws, but later changes shape near the end of the trailer.

The trailer also brings an interesting new player to the game: a currently unnamed man who appears to be one of the Apex Games' three commissioners (or at least wields some sort of power over the Games, given the luxurious, self-indulgent grand entrance he makes when arriving at the match). When Fade wins the match, the mysterious man joins him on stage and grabs him by the wrist, almost as if he's attempting to remove Fade's phase tech. But just when you think the guy is about to get introduced to the pointy end of those void claws, he raises Fade's fist instead and the crowd--populated entirely by holograms, oddly enough--goes wild.

Fade, on the other hand, looks ready to kill. The unnamed Apex Games commissioner shoots him a sly smile, but from the way Fade silently seethes in response, it seems like he has something personal against the grey-haired man. If looks could kill, this guy would be a walking deathbox--the furious look Fade gives him is evident even through his mask, and seems to imply that this stranger had something to do with the cruel murder of Fade's family. Perhaps he's the one responsible for putting the hit out on Fade's father and brothers?

A mysterious new character appeared in the trailer--possibly the man behind the murder of Fade's family.
A mysterious new character appeared in the trailer--possibly the man behind the murder of Fade's family.

Anything's possible, but for now, all we can do is speculate (and finish up our Aftershow battle pass) until Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions goes live on October 18 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. In the meantime, make sure you're taking advantage of this mini-season's packed event schedule--and be sure to spend those Hyperbeat Coins in the VIP Store before they expire when Season 2 comes to an end!

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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