Respawn spawning a 'Halo-killer?'

Analyst predicts Call of Duty creators will be entering ex-employer Activision's new partner Bungie's traditional sci-fi shooter territory.

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Source: A recent television appearance by Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

What we heard: So far, 2010 has been a year of high drama for the game industry, much of which was generated by the split between Activision and a large portion of the staff of Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward. After studio cofounders Jason West and Vince Zampella were fired in March, over two dozen of their former employees (so far) followed them to their Electronic Arts-backed startup, Repsawn Entertainment. Then came the inevitable tit-for-tat lawsuits, followed by a legal complaint by current and ex-Infinity Warders seeking a whopping $150 million-$625 million.

Given its minimalist Web site and its founders' recalcitrance about their next project, speculation has been building about what Respawn and its ever-growing staff are up to. Now, Pachter has thrown his hat into the ring, predicting the suburban Los Angeles shop will take on Halo creator Bungie, which recently inked a 10-year exclusivity deal with Activision for its own mystery project.

"The one genre that hasn't been cloned a lot is the space shooter, so I'll make a prediction here. Respawn Entertainment, the ex-Infinity Ward guys--that's their next game," prognosticated the analyst. "They're gonna make a Halo-killer. They're gonna make a game that is going to compete in the space shooter genre."

The official story: Electronic Arts reps had not responded to inquiries as of press time.

Pachter predicts Zampella's new studio is cooking up a
Pachter predicts Zampella's new studio is cooking up a "Halo-killer."

Bogus or not bogus?: At this point, who knows? With Respawn going dark after touting its EA deal--and still solidifying its development team--it is still very early days. And, despite his clout, Pachter's prediction record is mixed. He thought US game sales would be up in May, but they were decidedly down. Then again, he also infamously taunted David Jaffe with cries of "Twisted Metal!" months before the reboot of the series was announced at Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference.

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Halo Killer? how many times have I heard that before. Halo is a classic that will never be wretched from its sci-fi shooter pedestal. Don't give us Modern Warfare 2 set in space.

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In my opinion MW2 was a pretty big failure, now listen to this if there is such a thing as a halo killer its really not those guys that will make it. I mean seriously '' Little sissy on the swing'' is a better game than MW2... ohh wait that game doesn't even exist, so here you go my imagination just killed MW2. So before claiming this like lots of other losers...try fixing youre.........euhhh split screen lag!!! hahahahah losersssssss

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Instead of trying to beat one game, why not try to reinvent the genre. Halo-Killer...please...(sarcasm)

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I liked Infinity Wards games better than Treyarchs... if its a good fps space shooter with cutscenes similar to MW and MW2... I might get it

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I wouldnt call it a halo-killer cause reach is the last halo game i think it would be like an heir cause no one will forget halo as being the best space shooter out there (or of its time)

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Halo Killer... WoW Killer... I hear these "labels" way too often. Which is quite contradicting. If I keep hearing it, why aren't they "dead" yet?

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also the only way that you could ever get a real "halo killer" is to have a game that plays and feels like halo, but while your playing it you are never reminded of halo. it would have to completely replace it, not just outshine it.

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well if they make another dog like halo 3 then they might have a chance, but if another gem like halo 2 comes out then they'll be completely out of luck. not that anyone has even confirmed that that is what they're trying to do.

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how many games have claimed to be the "halo-killer" and failed everytime anyway? like 80? what makes them think this one will do it?

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Doesn't the on-line shooter kings remain Modern Warfare 2 and Halo? Halo Reach is only going to strengthen their grip on one of the two top spots and everyone else will be blasting away on the Next Call of Duty game this fall so until we see it why should we believe it. I have heard "Halo Killer" so many times in the last 6 years its getting really old.

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Excuse me but there is also a Halo killer called KILLZONE

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The only franchise that can ever come close to a comparison with Halo is COD. and even then, halos splitascreen multiplayer gives it the edge

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As tyadral said you cant make a Halo killer. It'd be easier killing Chuck Norris than Halo.

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@riddick2112 val kilmer looks like a fat val kilmer

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Sorry you cant make a halo killer it can not be done. they can try to kill 4 games at once, but the out come would be them shutting down their corporation and being insane for the rest of their lifes.

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Homosexual pirates in space haven't been cloned either.

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How do you kill something that is already dead?

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what's the big deal with Halo anyway? I got tired of that series long ago

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The one genre that hasn't been cloned a lot is the sci-fi shooter"... What? Who does he think he's kidding?

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@KamuiFei, monkeys are smart.

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Pachter looks like a fat Val Kilmer.

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@KamuiFei I would go for making a Halo 2 killer would be hard then Halo 1 Halo 3 and onwards was another disappointment due to the milking of it

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The original Halo was at the time an amazing game and it set several standards for its genre. It's a shame the other ones sucked. Making a "Halo-killer" might be hard, but making a "Halo 2 or 3-killer" is something a group of monkeys could do.

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All I gotta say to Respawn is "good luck". There have been so many games that have come out since the first Halo that have tried to "kill" it. But they have all fallen short. There will never be a game quite like Halo or give you the same experience or the same level of enjoyment. Halo is just a unique game and clones just don't feel as near as great. If Respawn can really come up with something that will be a Halo clone AND be better then Halo itself then by all means, do it. But I have serious doubts that them, or any company for that matter, could pull something off like that off (except maybe Bungie ;P Hey, I'd play a clone of their own game.). Just look at GTA. There have been so many clones of that game and yet none of them come anywhere close to being as good as GTA itself. All in all though as long as whatever they make is good, then I'm all for it.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Even when the Halo series is finished there will never be a "Halo-Killer", the idea is just a myth. Every shooter-based game that has come out in the past 5-10 years has been influenced by Halo in some way, shape, or form.

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@fadersdream Well said. Comparing games is counterproductive - the easiest way to have fun with something is to quit fitting the peg into the wrong hole, and just enjoy it for what it is. Leave the quality dissections to the reviewers - I've got me some heads to snipe. :D

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even saying "halo-killer" just re-emphasizes how unkillable halo is. The second you try to make that claim it tends to work against you... people end up just comparing the two instead of letting it stand on it's own. as for me, halo was fun, pretty and had solid gameplay. there have been better games since but halo never pissed in my cornflakes, never smacked my mom... I have nothing against the game. and killzone did not kill halo... or anything (and I actually like killzone).

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@gearbear94 yeah the killzone series did kill halo, and kz3 looks much better than this

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Halo was killed a long time ago by killzone

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@shani_boy101 since haze was released

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Since when do people still use the term "Halo-killer"?

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LoL "Repsawn Entertainment"

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Well, this is awesome! Two/Three big gaming companies compete with each other to make a better game for us? No matter what side "loses" us as gamers win! Its like watching two hot chicks get in a cat fight over you!

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Yeah...The "Halo-killer" comment was used when the first killzone came out.

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"Analyst predicts Call of Duty creators will be entering ex-employer Activision's new partner Bungie's" cousin's friend's ex-uncle-in-law's best pal John's co-worker/love interest Leslie's dog walker Sam's ex-employer Activision's new partner Bungie's "traditional sci-fi shooter territory." Also funny is "_____-killer". If something is so popular that that phrase is applicable, it's almost guarantee-able that nothing will be able to "kill it." Even more funny is the, "The one genre that hasn't been cloned a lot is the space shooter." snippet. Really? Does this analyst know ANYTHING about video games? Off the top of my head I have 10 games (non-sequels) that are "sci-fi" OR "space shooter" categories. Funny article.

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Didn't Bungie already kill Halo when they left Microsoft? No one else will be able to make it like they did.

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@Alpha6_ONE *'s spelled c-o-n-c-e-p-t...I thought you just messed up the first time but then you misspelled it again.

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So it's going to beat a medicore game series?

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When the words halo-killer cease to exist is when a halo-killer has truly come.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I'm just finishing my new album now, its a real Nirvana killer.. oh wait...

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Respawn Entertainment never said anything about making a "Halo-killer." The only one that said anything about it was Pachter. No jinx.

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They jinxed it. They called it a Halo Killer. It will now fail.

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For all the fanboys of any game, in the unlikely chance activision creates the next big video game series, wouldn't that be a good thing?

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tripleseed no one finds you humorous

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Im one of those "like tech from the furture but has no idea or a conpect to graps what tech in future will be like" person. Halo Is a plain to to point si-fi concpect but not a realistic as I wish it would be. No one has a rights to diss or love these product just support or dont support. Back to my topic as a war-nutt this game a very lack-luster in term of presentation. IF the guys who left activision has are making a game In the si-fi gerne Im Onbroad for the Ride just do not Let EA Man handle the Production cause Lord know I Dont Need another Mecr 2 crap of Flames.

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no one will ever be able to make a "halo-killer" the same way no one could make a "mario-killer" or a "God of war-killer", because first, they are some of the best(if not the best) games in there respective genres, and secondly they all have the nostalgia factor going for them(especially mario, though halo and GOW are getting there) and it seems extremely hard for people to get over nostalgia regardless of how good a new game is.

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About a month ago, I moves over to the ps3 realm of the gameing world. Halo is one of the games I miss. It is hard to deny its popularity in todays world, and reach makes me

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megatraveler 3!?...i wish