Respawn skipping E3 again

Studio founded by former Call of Duty developers not unveiling first project at next month's Los Angeles trade show.


Gamers yearning for the first proper look at Respawn Entertainment's first game won't get it at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Speaking to Joystiq, Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe said, "We won't be showing anything or doing any press related to the game" during the annual geek gala. Heppe confirmed this statement to GameSpot this afternoon.

Respawn's first game isn't coming into focus at E3.
Respawn's first game isn't coming into focus at E3.

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo will be the second straight that the company has opted out of public activities. This time last year, the San Fernando Valley, California-based studio announced it would skip the industry's big summertime event.

Respawn has kept its first project out of sight thus far. Outside of a blurry screenshot and news that the game will be published by Electronic Arts, no further firm information is available concerning the studio's maiden title.

Speculation on the project has suggested it will be a first-person science-fiction shooter that may support 3D and could ship by March 2013. Respawn Entertainment was founded in 2010 by fired Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella and is currently staffed by a host of Call of Duty developers, among others.

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I was really looking forward to their new game. But seeing how they still have tons of job listing on their website, I doubt we'll be seeing it this year.

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I am curious to see if these guys still have some gas left. After they peaked with CoD4:MW, they delivered a rather weak sequel and complained a lot about their publisher and sister studios. Certainly, they will have a chance to prove their merit now. Hopefuly, this will not turn in one of those ever late projects that take forever to ship.

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Ever since those two left Infinity Wards, the COD we know and love wasn't the same.

Some people were complaining about MW3 being the same as MW2. Truth is, it's not the same. I wanted MW3 to be the same as MW2, with newer weapons, maps, and other updates. It's a sequel, it shouldn't have to be completely different than the last game. Instead we got some rehashed Black Ops(which in my opinion is the worst COD game under the sun.) So I only wish the best for these two, and hopefully we will get to see their version of MW3.

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What if they are waiting for the Activision lawsuit to be over so they can use the Modern Warfare branding on the new game?

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Short term decision, long term consequence...I hope you guys comes out with something great...Best of luck dev.

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It's going to hurt them in the long run... They really need to face Activision instead of hiding from them.

I wish them luck in this game, but seriously, please stop hiding.

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Makes own development company. Never releases a game.

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At this point I wonder if they even have a game, honestly. It seems like all talk and trying to bring down Activision. I wouldn't be surprised if they just took their money - assuming they win the case - and just drop out of the public eye entirely. I hope this doesn't happen, but the lack of any real... anything concerning their project has me doubtful

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If I have to hear any more about the kinect I may skip E3 this year or the Microsoft conference anyway.

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Vince and Jason are the fathers of COD... and the current COD that is going on, was not what they dreamt of. They never wanted to milk COD.I wish them luck with their new game, and I would surely be one of their customer forever.

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@red666devil they started MOH too or something like that

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Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

That picture looks like its set on a ring world. Halo did it but the concept it much, much older, along with dyson spheres. "annual geek gala"... is that disdane I detect? When will developers learn that its us lot who support the industry proper and have brought it this far? At least companys like Marvel, 343 and bethesda acknowledge and are proud of their roots.

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It had better be amazing, or i will be so disappointed.

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Obviously its for next gen systems..

Avatar image for namdar

No HL3 stuff, nothing from respawn..., 2 biggest things I was praying to see.... and it's not happening... COME ON MAN!!!

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Good quality games take years to make. Respawn is smart for not showing a half baked product. The entire company will be judged by their first showing of their game, so they need to make a big statement. As long as they have the funds to develop without any revenue, they can take as long as they need.

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Well that's disappointing as I'm very interested in seeing what their next project is.

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kinda sucks but i guess new AAA game series does take long time

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By "skipping" you mean "will not be showing anything to the public". They'll definitely be there, just like they were last year (as evidenced in EA's BF3 all day livestream event, where a couple dudes in Respawn shirts were filmed playing the demo, and the host being hilariously unaware of who Respawn was).

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Well I can't wait till they do show something about it since COD 1, 2, and 4 are some of my favorite games ever.

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whats going on with this site, no review for diablo 3 or game of thrones and just slow on news period. itz like everybody that works for this site just went to go play max payne and never came back

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dude you know how big diablo 3 is ? it takes time. game of thrones been up.

Avatar image for BryanParksSuper

It seems like Respawn doesn't even have a project. Its been 2 years and they won't even show a trailer or anything.

Avatar image for hadlee73

Looking at that blurry screenshot, its clearly the first in the "Loch Ness Monster Returns!!" franchise :P

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

@hadlee73 ahahah i can actually see nessie now when i look at the picture :P

Avatar image for Getbacktogaming

: (

Avatar image for icetone

Hope it won't be a COD clone

Avatar image for 404FredNotFound

@icetone If it was a COD clone by now there would be 2 maybe 3 games out xD...

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

So, nothing to see here then.

Avatar image for gix47

is anyone goin to be at E3?

Avatar image for Cronicx-

@gix47 lol

Avatar image for ziproy

It's because they have nothing to show and you all know it

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It's OK Respawn, we really don't need another sci-fi FPS anyway.

Avatar image for Trickymaster

@RAHBRT Wow... troll much? You mad that they finally dumped all those boring WW2 shooters? If you ask me, there can't be enough Sci fi games out there. Please, more!

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I guess I shouldn't of said that. I should of said we don't need any more FPS's altogether, WW2, Modern, Future etc.

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Not bad news, I would prefer to wait, and get a polished product instead of these all complete crap + dlcs, lets just hope they don't disappoint us, other wise, they won't have a long run.

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Is it bad news or good news? the more developers working on games the better I think. They will be something atleast to hit our head with interesting games.

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I've been wondering where these guys have been. These were the guys behind the only good Call of Duty's. Can't wait to see what they've got.

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