Resistance: Fall of Man GDC Trailer Impressions

The gritty PlayStation 3 first-person shooter has a new name, and we go to see an early demo of the game in action at Sony's GDC keynote.


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SAN JOSE, Calif.--Insomniac's PlayStation 3 shooter formerly known as I-8 is now called Resistance: Fall of Man, but this unexpected change of title doesn't seem to have impacted the Ratchet & Clank developer's dark vision of the future much at all. Sony and Insomniac president Ted Price unveiled a new demo of Resistance at its Game Developers Conference keynote this morning, and we were fortunate to be among those checking out the hardcore shooting action--described by one GameSpot editor as "Halo meets Black"--which will be on offer in this dystopian futuristic shooter.

The brief demo of Resistance showed the player patrolling down a back alley of a war-torn city, where he encountered a number of insectlike, slightly humanoid enemy soldiers wearing backpacks. The main character countered these nasty bugs with a shotgun and machine gun that, like all of Resistance's weapons, will fully integrate with the game's comprehensive physics-modeling system. Another interesting weapon, much like Halo's needler, allowed the player to "tag" an enemy and then fire a number of shots that would then seek the target out, even around a corner. Lastly, we saw a weapon that looked like a spike-covered grenade. When thrown onto the ground, this weapon hovered a few feet off the ground before exploding, spraying the area with scores of needles. Ouch.

Price noted that the demo of Resistance on display at the keynote is still rather early and wasn't using the full power of the PlayStation 3, though specifics on how the game will further utilize the powerhouse system's final hardware weren't available. But at least he let us know the developer expects to show more of the game at E3 in a few weeks, and we'll certainly be there with bells on to see how this gritty shooter is coming along. Come back for the latest info then.

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