Resistance brings the fight Down Under

Alice Springs named as one of the battlefields in Sony's upcoming sci-fi shooter.

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Games like Homefront and Modern Warfare 2 partly rely on the shock value of seeing your home country getting invaded, which, if you're an American, is fine. As an Australian, though, identifying with that struggle may be a little bit harder.

It's unusual that a game brings the fight Down Under, but Resistance 3 is doing just that. While the single-player game sees players travelling from Oklahoma to New York, one of the multiplayer maps is situated in the prevalent outback community of Alice Springs. From the looks of the initial YouTube trailer, the map seems to mix medium-range street combat with some close-quarters battle inside of destroyed buildings. There are also a few Aussie flags dotted around the map.

According to the Resistance universe, Australia turned into a refugee camp of sorts after Europe fell to the Chimera. In 1952, a civil war split Australia, before it was eventually invaded by the Chimera. Insomniac has also hinted that players will hear radio calls for help from Australia during the single-player campaign.

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