Resistance 3 Walkthrough Primer Guide

The Chimera continue to invade Earth! Our Resistance 3 Walkthrough Primer gets you started for on-line multiplayer with info about weapons, berserk abilities, and matches.


Resistance 3

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What's New:

  • September 14, 2011: Version 1.3 is go. All of the walkthrough videos are up.
  • September 12, 2011: Version 1.2 is ready. Chapter 6 of the walkthrough has been added.
  • September 9, 2011: Version 1.1 of the Resistance 3 Guide has arrived. It now contains parts of a video walkthrough, Berserks, Match Modes, and Trophies.
  • September 7, 2011: Version 1.0 of this Guide is up. The first version of the Primer is live. We will be updating in the next few days, so check back later for more info.

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Chapters 1-3

Chapter 1

You'll be armed with the Bullseye and Magnum, but will need to use EMPs to take down enemy shields.

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 you'll learn to use Shrapnel Grenades and the art of stealth.

Chapter 3

The Auger can see and shoot through walls. Be careful as Chimera armed with this weapon are just as deadly as yourself.

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Chapters 4-5

Chapter 4

In this chapter you'll be armed with a Marksman rifle to stop a Chimera dropship. It doesn't have the range of a Deadeye, but it will be enoug to repel the enemies. Both the Auger and Bullseye are great for taking down the Brawler at the end.

Chapter 5 Part 1

You'll be riding on a boat for the whole first half of this level. Stick to long range weapons to defend yourself against the Chimera lurking about the shores.

Chapter 5 Part 2

The Chimera will release flying enemies to attack the ship. Keep in mind that you can resupply some lost ammo and health by searching the stern of the boat. Once the Chimera come on deck, switch to your powerful Rossmore shotgun.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Part 1

Be sure to search the train cars for extra ammo and weapons. The feral Leapers are guarding the train station, so aim low and use melee strikes. You'll gain use of the Atomizer later in the level. This gun is capable of discharging electric bolts that easily fry groups of Chimera.

Chapter 6 Part 2

The Chimera guarding the catwalk are unarmed and most get in close to deal damage. Powerful ranged weapons such as the Atomizer and Bullseye are ideal for this fight. After operating the catwalk controls, rush to the top and gear up with the spare Rossmore. This gun's powerful blasts and fire grenades will make short work of the crazed Chimera. Be sure to grab the audio recording after escaping the fight.

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Chapters 7-8

Chapter 7 Part 1

Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 8

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Chapters 9-10

Chapter 9 Part 1

Chapter 9 Part 2

Chapter 10 Part 1

Chapter 10 Part 2

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Chapters 11-12

Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11 Part 2

Chapter 11 Part 3

Chapter 12 Part 1

Chapter 12 Part 2

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Chapters 13-15

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

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Chapters 16-17

Chapter 16 Part 1

Chapter 16 Part 2

Chapter 17 Part 1

Chapter 17 Part 2

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Part 1

Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18 Part 3

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Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19 Part 1

Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 20 Part 1

Chapter 20 Part 2 (The End)

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Load Outs

There are four default load outs to pick from, each with different strengths and weaknesses to balance each other out. The load outs can be upgraded by spending earned skill points on individual guns and abilities.


The very first load out you'll acquire at level 1. It is equipped with a M5A2 Carbine, Shrapnel Grenade, Ammo Beacon, Doppelganger, Bandolier, and Scavenger. It's fairly balanced load out which will allow you to get your feet wet. The Carbine's use of lobbing grenades and added melee power make for a great rookie weapon. However, switching to a different gear set later on is recommended.


The Infected load out is equipped with a Bullseye, Hedgehog, Spotter, Lightning Shield, Tracker, and Air-cooled Barrel. This load out is great in the early levels for hording tons of experience. The Spotter ability will grant an extra 90 xp to each tagged enemy that is killed by you or an ally. The Bulls eye's secondary fire is very useful, as after a single accurate shot you may forego proper aiming until your enemy is slain.


The Specter is the standard sniper class built for long range combat. It has a Deadeye, Smoke grenade, Spotter, Doppelganger, Bandolier, and Air-cooled Barrel. The combination of Spotter and the Deadeye's upgraded ability to outline targets makes the Specter a deadly combatant on both offense and defense. The added bonuses of smoke grenades and doppelganger will also aid in confusing and blinding pesky enemies.

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The Warden is designed for close range encounters. It has a Rossmore, Shrapnel grenade, Ammo Beacon, Lightning Shield, Tracker, and Scavenger. The Rossmore is a powerful shotgun that can be upgraded to shoot incendiary rounds. This not only makes it one of the best close quarters weapons, but can allow you to kill enemies on the run or from beyond the grave. The Tracker ability also greatly assists with sneaking up on distracted enemies, such tracing the path of nearby snipers.


Custom is of course the main load out to play around with. By default it has nearly the same equipment as a Survivor, but replaces Doppelganger with Lightning Shield. Custom load outs can use skill points to unlock weapons and abilities not found in the other load outs. These include weapons such as the Cyrogun and Mutator, and even attributes that will handicap you for bonus XP.

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The Bullseye is the Infected starting weapon and can be unlocked right away for Custom load outs. It has a high rate of fire, but lacks overall damage. Its secondary fire tags an enemy and will steer subsequent bullets straight at the enemy. It is one of the most effective rookie guns and recommended for new players that have trouble aiming.

M5A2 Carbine

The M5A2 is the weapon of choice for Survivor and can also be unlocked for Custom load outs right away. It has decent range and rate of fire, but is still low on damage. It can lob grenades from its secondary. At first it is only one grenade, but at higher levels it can let loose up to three shots.


The Deadeye is the Specter weapon and can also be purchased for Custom load outs. As a sniper rifle, the Deadeye has unmatched damage and range; however its poor rate of fire make it terrible for close range fights. It can shoot Proton Charges for added damage and even paints enemy locations.


The Marksman is a Custom load out weapon that is the first unique weapon other load outs can't use. It has great range and rate of fire, making it an in-between for the Deadeye and Carbine. However, its initial zoom is inadequate compared to the Deadeye, so it isn't simple a rapid fire sniper rifle. Its secondary fire releases a turret that shoots nearby targets.

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The Warden's weapon and can be gained for Custom load outs. Its power is high but lacks range, making it ideal for close encounters. It starts mounted with a concussion grenade launcher, but can be upgraded to support incendiary rounds that can set enemies on fire. These upgrades are a great means of scoring beyond the grave kills as your killer continues to take damage over time.

HE.44 Magnum

The HE.44 is unlocked at level 15. While it doesn't have the greatest range, this magnum packs a huge punch. The bullets first attach to the wall, ground, or enemy and can be detonated with the secondary fire. This can allow you to kill multiple hostiles at once, or release an explosion midway through a fight.


The Mutator is gained at level 20. It fires a virus that damages an enemy over time and eventually causes them to explode violently. If released in this way, the disease will pass to nearby foes and continue the cycle. The Matador's secondary fire instead launches the virus as a static poison cloud that will infect any enemy that passes through, making it a great trap against crowds.


The Atomizer can be purchased at level 35. It shoots powerful electric bolts, though their initial range isn't impressive. The Atomizer's secondary fire will place down a gravity well that zaps nearby enemies. It makes for a great trap for defending objectives, but can be avoided by enemies that actually pay attention.


Wildfire is gained at level 40. It is a rocket launcher with an added lock on system. The explosion is wide enough to damage any nearby enemies that are too close to the blast radius. The Wildfire's secondary fire shoots out a barrage of rockets that can be detonated mid flight, which is a great means of catching enemies that have assumed you simply miss fired.


The Cryogun is unlockable at level 45. Its main projectile freezes enemies in their tracks. The secondary fire shoots out a burst of air that can destroy enemies already encased in ice.

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The Shrapnel grenade is used by Survivors, Wardens, and can be unlocked for Customs. It is a basic grenade that detonates after a few seconds. It is handy for taking out groups, especially during Chain Reaction games. It takes some timing so that you don't toss the frag too late or too soon. Overall it should be your default grenade for most match types.


The Hedgehog is used by Infected and can be unlocked for Customs at level 6. It sets down a Chimeran mine that explodes when an enemy approaches. The Hedgehog is great for defensive fights, such as protecting objectives. However, in open areas, most enemies shouldn't be foolish enough to walk on a mine. Even if the trap is triggered, enemies can avoid some of the damage by moving away quickly.

Smoke Grenade

The Smoke Grenade is used by Specters and can be unlocked for Custom load outs at level 10. The blast of Smokes conceal the area and allow you to get the jump on enemies. Good for when you want to make an escape or set up an ambush.

EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade is gained at level 25. It disables devices such as shields and turrets. It also prevents the enemy from using their abilities and attributes for a short time.


The Molotov can be bought at level 30. It sets fire to an area or enemy for a short amount of time, dealing continues damage as the flames burn both flesh and environment. The Molotov is both a great means of damage as well as deterring enemies from advancing.

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Support Abilities

Support Abilities can be activated in battle to mostly aid yourself and teammates. Some also provide a means of confusing enemies.

Ammo Beacon

Ammo Beacon is used by Survivors, Wardens, and can be unlocked for Customs. It deploys a beacon that restores to primary weapons within range. At higher upgrades it can help a large radius of allies in restoring depleted ammunitions.

Bubble Shield

The Bubble Shield is a unique unlockable for Custom load outs. It creates a shield that provides cover from all range weapons and grenades. However, close range enemies can enter inside the shield and cause damage with melee attacks. It's overall effective for capturing points on Chain Reaction and securing nodes during Breach.


Spotter is used by Infected, Specters, and can be unlocked for Customs at level 10. When activated, enemies will be spotted and marked on the radar. If the tagged enemy is killed by a teammate, you gain a nice 90 xp bonus. Spotter is a great means of building early experience as you can easily spot large groups and obliterate them with the aid of your allies. Its uses in free-for-all death matches are much more limited.

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Decoy is unlocked at level 12. Releases a dummy projection of yourself. At its base level, the decoy remains stationary and is very unlikely to distract foes. None the less, the decoy can still be a good way of confusing enemies in the heat of battle.

Heal Beacon

The Heal Beacon is gained at level 18. Its energy bursts will restore health to yourself and any allies within range. Very helpful within intense fire fights that leave little time to recover.

Radar Beacon

The Radar Beacon is gained at level 28. It reveals close range enemies on your radar. This is a good means of spotting groups that have not already been detected by the rest of your team. During Death matches, it is also a nice means of keeping your back safe if you choose to camp and snipe.

Bust and Thrust

Bust and Thrust is gained at level 17. It is not a truly helpful ability, but instead allows you to taunt fallen enemies and gloat over captured objectives. It is recommended to only equip this when you don't need any other tactical advantage, or are steamrolling the competition.

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Tactical Abilities

Tactical Abilities are designed to directly hurt and cripple your enemy.

Lightning Shield

Lightning Shield is used by Infected, Wardens, and Custom load outs. It stuns and damages attackers that try and blast you. Its overall damage hampers its usefulness and it is recommended that you upgrade to a new ability as soon as possible.


Doppelganger is used by Survivors, Specters, and can be unlocked for Custom load outs. It create a nearby clone of you that can be used to distract the enemy. It may only delay an enemy for a few seconds, but that will often be enough to give you an upper hand. At higher levels the decoy can explode, creating a nice form of damage potential.

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Dash is gained at level 22. It will quickly sprint you 10 meters forward. This is good for both escaping and getting in close for melee or shotgun kills. Keep in mind this is risky if you've already been spotted or the enemy has a shotgun of their own.


Assassin is gained at level 32. This ability silences your weapon, allowing you to stay hidden even when firing out otherwise loud weapons. You also do not appear on the radar when using such weapons within close proximity of enemies.


The Turret can be unlocked at level 38. The turrets does decent damage to enemies within range. It's best to bait the enemy by placing the turret behind corners and in tight corridors. Putting a Turret in an open area is often a waste, as hostile can simply move out of the blast range.

Thermal Vision

Thermal Vision is gained at level 42. It allows you to see enemies hiding behind walls. This is a great means of surveying the battlefield to gather tactical info. It is less handy in open areas, but those are uncommon in most maps.

Dance on Your Grave

Dance on Your Grave is gained at level 40. As with Bust and Thrust, this is a taunt to use against desecrated opponents. Overall not helpful and should only be used if you are dominating the competition.

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Personal Attributes

Personal Attributes are passive skills at give advantages or handicaps.


Bandolier is used by Survivors, Specters, and Customs. It increases your clip sizes, which is great for guns with low magazine sizes, such as the Deadeye. It's overall not that great, as ammo is rarely an issue. When supplies do become a problem, an Ammo Beacon is a much better solution.

Leaper Corpse

The Leaper Corpse is gained at level 7. Upon death your corpse will release three Leapers that will attack nearby enemies. When upgraded, an additional Leaper will be added and some of them will spit acid. The Leapers are a good means of creating havoc and damage when dead. However, keep in mind that enemies can harvest some nice XP from killing your Leapers.


Gunslinger is purchasable at level 19. It increases your accuracy when moving as well as your reload speed. Good for slower weapons such as the Rossmore. In general, staying mobile is a good means to staying safe, and Gunslinger will help quite a bit as you traipse around.

Body Armor

Body Armor is gained at level 21. It increases your health, but lowers your movement speed. Once upgrades, the armor will no longer hamper your agility. Body Armor is a good means of protecting yourself if you plan on fighting close range. It's less handy for fighting at a distance where you might not even be detected.


Tracker is the default skill for Infected, Wardens, and can be unlocked for Customs at level 25. It displays the foot prints of enemies and at higher upgrades reveals if they are new or old tracks. It is a great means of finding campers and knowing how many hostiles are guarding an objective. It's best paired with a close range Rossmore, as your tracking will often lead you right into the path of the enemy.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs is gained at level 31. This Attribute will allow you to see enemy health and tactical abilities when they come into close enough range. Not truly needed, as it's often more helpful to keep shooting until they are dead.

Hazmat suit

The Hazmat suit is gained at level 37. In its first level, the Hazmat suit decreases the damage from explosive attacks. Ounce upgrade it protects you from tags, fire, mutation, and freezing. This is a great defensive advantage and is among the best Attributes for when the enemy is using status effecting weapons.


Demolitions is purchasable at level 43. It increases both damage and radius for explosive weapons and grenades. This can be helpful if you find yourself favoring powerful rockets, but won't help so much with weapons that use bullets.

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Tactician is gained at level 49. It increases the cool down and duration of your Tactical Ability. This is great when paired with Dash or Turret to create bewildering and intense situations.

Over Time

Over Time is gained at level 35. It is a handicap that hinders your Ability recharge times. However, it grants a small XP bonus.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage is unlockable at level 51. It also hinders you by preventing health regeneration until you score a melee kill. Once again you gain bonus XP for using this Attribute. With some skill it can be quite easy to overcome this hindrance.


Technophobe is purchasable at level 56. It disables your HUD, which is a huge disadvantage. Like the other handicaps, your gained XP will receive a bonus.

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Combat Attributes

Combat Attributes are passives that increase your abilities during a fight.


Scavenger is used by Survivors, Wardens, and Custom load outs. It allows you to gain health and ammo by moving over a fallen enemy or teammate. This is good if you find yourself taking heavy damage or often run low on ammo.

Scan Jammer

The Scan Jammer can be unlocked for Custom load outs right away. Scan Jammer is shut off the radars of enemies that come too close to you. At upgraded levels you will also become immune to Spotter and Thermal Vision. A very useful counter to such powerful skills.

Air-Cooled Barrel

Air-Cooled Barrel is used by Infected, Specters, and can be bought for Custom load outs at level 9. This Attribute increases both rate of fire and movement speed will looking down a scope. Very helpful for any gun that already has a decent to high firing rates.

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Berserk can be gained at level 13. This skill will reduce Berserk requirements by one kill: 2 kills for Shield/Cloak, 5 kills for Auger, and 8 kills for Armor and Mutate. Berserk is handy for both those skilled at kill streaks, and those that want a leg up getting even the first bonus ability.


Strapped can be bought at level 14. This Attribute allows you to select two or even three different primary weapons. It's nice for some verity, but in most cases you should build your load out around reinforcing a particular primary gun. Still there are some fun combinations of weapons, such as both a close range Rossmore and a long range Deadeye.


Grenadier is unlockable at level 27. This passive allows you to equip two or even three types of grenades. Overall having a mix of grenades isn't as handy as some of the other combat attributes, but is good for verity or simply boredom.


Patience is usable at level 34. You gain bonus damage by placing your cross hairs over the enemy. This is a good skill for rapid fire weapons, such as the Carbine. However, for instant hit weapons where you want to be fast and not waste time (such as the Deadeye) this skill should be avoided.

Team Player

Team Player is gained at level 39. It increases the radius and duration of support abilities. This is excellent when paired with any of the Beacons to aid in resorting ammo and health.


Sloth can be equipped at level 30. This is another handicap for bonus XP. This time your Sprint speed is reduced by 50%.

Travel Light

Travel Light is gained at level 44. Yet another hurdle to achieve extra XP. Travel Light prevents you from picking up weapons, which can be a problem if you wanted to nab something dropped by the enemy.


Wanted is gained at level 47. This Attribute also yields more XP in exchange for a weakness. You will always appear on enemy radar, which will put you at a huge disadvantage. This is a risky Attribute to equip, even if you do need more XP.

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Kill streaks in the game are based around your current race. This can lead to interesting dynamics during team based modes.

Assault Shield

Humans that gain three kills in a row will gain a powerful frontal shield. This will reduce or outright nullify damage taken from the front, including attempted headshots. However the shield does not cover your backside, leaving you open to rear attacks. Like other shields, this Berserk is great for holding positions or advancing during Chain Reaction.


Chimeras that gain three kills in a row can cloak themselves. This will keep you invisible to enemy players, however you will be revealed when shooting and still be spotted via Thermal Vision. During this time enemy forces can also spot you, nearly canceling out your cloak. Despite this, the Cloak should give you enough advantage to score one or two stealth kills.


After gaining six kills in a row both Humans and Chimera can gain the Auger rifle. This gun can spot enemies and fire through walls. The bullets are a tad slow and noticeable against frontal attacks, but can be devastating when the enemy is distracted by the rest of your team. With this gun equipped you can easily camp out in a far corner and pick off enemies ones by one.

Combat Armor

Humans that gain nine kills in a row are awarded hefty power armor. This greatly increases your health and gives you a powerful grenade launcher. This Berserk has a huge potential for obliterating groups of foes and can swiftly capture objectives. Keep in mind that using this Berserk will most likely turn you into the priority target, but the increased defenses should be enough to survive most reprisals.


This is the Berserk for Chimera that achieve nine kills in a row. Similar to Combat Armor, you will be transformed into a Ravager with boosted to health and damage. The same strategies apply for the Chimeran version, so reserve the Berserk for taking objectives or slamming down large groups.

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Match Modes

There are a verity of modes to pick from that appeal to many play styles. These range from free-for-alls, team based fighting, and even objectives.


A full 16 player free-for-all fight. All players will be of one species: either Humans or Chimera. Because of the single race selection, either Assault Shields or Cloak will not be available. Because you're on your own most of the more team based skills--Spotter, Beacons, Team Player--are not needed. Instead stick to all lone wolf abilities, such as Body Armor, Hazmat Suits, and Scavenger. You might also want to forego using handicaps, as you'll need to score every kill your self; though with enough practice these crippling abilities can be overcome.

Team Deathmatch

Similar to Deathmatch, but now each side will be divided into two teams of 8, Humans vs. Chimera. You can get away with more handicaps during this mode, as your teammates should be able to make up for your own short comings. Try to use Spotter as much as possible and distribute buffs accordingly. Each side has a limited number of reinforcements (default being 50), which will end the match if depleted. You can also play until the timer runs out, at which point the side with more points wins, even if some how they had less kills (Rare, but possible).

Capture the Flag

Another team based mode. Each side has to grab the enemy flag while defending their own at its base location. The flag holder cannot use firearms, has reduced movement (cannot sprint), but can still use melee attacks. If the flag is dropped, it will automatically return to the base after about 8-10 seconds of being idle. Stealth and speed are an obvious advantage for this mode. Tracker, Scan Jammer, Dash, and Thermal Vision are all great for plotting your assault. For guarding the flag considering placing at least two team members on defense along with well placed Turrets and Radar Beacons. Leaper Corpses are also great for getting a last laugh against enemies that kill you and try to nab the flag. Chimera have a slight advantage in this mode due to their Cloak, allowing them to easily sneak into the Human base. This can place a higher emphasis for Humans to use Thermal Vision and Radar Beacons.

Chain Reaction

This is a capture point mode. The Chimera are attempting to activate the terraformer while the humans want to carpet bomb the zone. The center point is always the most heated battle location and is typically placed in a more crammed area than the other four points. The more team members that stand on a point the faster it will be taken. The final point is actually not taken by simply standing near it, one player will have to operate a control panel for a few seconds before a count down occurs. Likewise, the defender will need to kill the enemy guards and deactivate the panel before time ticks down. Like other modes, you can also ignore the objectives and kill enemy reinforcements. By default, scoring 50 kills will be enough to drain the other team.


In this mode one side (typically Humans) attacks an installation while the other (typically Chimera) defends the location. The attackers have 50 reinforcements while the defenders have an unlimited number. The attackers must take down both a Turret and Shield Node first, before gunning down the main reactor. In truth, the Shield node only needs to be destroyed to reach the reactor, but the armed turrets around the reactor would be too strong to take on. Defenders have a great advantage during this mode, but should still be mindful to protect both the Shield and Turrets simultaneously and place down mines. The Offensive team can still win if they run out of reinforcements, but this requires significant damage to the nodes, as well as more kills against the Defense (Though this might simply be a glitch).


Hardcore mode removes the use of abilities, passives, and upgrades. It is a classic brawl that uses basic weapons and honed skills rather than relying on gadgets gained from experience. This mode should be played if you don't want to bother with the whole XP system and advantages from other higher level players.

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PlayStation 3 Trophies

The Trophies in Resistance 3 can be used to unlock special features including movies, art, and even multiplayer skins.

Trophy Name How To Earn Reward
Access Denied Absorb 1000 damage with Auger Shields Bronze
Backstabber Kill 20 enemies with melee while they are idle Bronze
BARF! Make 6 Wardens puke at the same time in the prison Bronze
Bloodborne Kill 3 enemies simultaneously using a single mutated body Bronze
Body Count Kill 1000 enemies Bronze
Bookworm Collect 50% of the journals Bronze
Boom Stick Use the upgraded Rossmore secondary fire to set 6 enemies on fire at once Bronze
Bouncer Keep Chimeran forces from entering the Brewpub Bronze
Buckshot Kill 2+ enemies with one Rossmore blast Bronze
Bull in a China Shop Freeze and melee kill 3 Ravagers Bronze
Calm Under Pressure Defeat the Brawler in the Post Office in under 2 minutes Bronze
Chamber Full of Death Kill 5+ Hybrids at once by using the HE .44 Magnum secondary fire Bronze
Cheap Shots Kill 25 enemies firing the Auger through an object Bronze
Collector Collect 10 journals Bronze
Corpse Wagon Detonate fallen Leeches to kill 25 enemies Bronze
Counter Sniper Use the Deadeye to kill 20 snipers Bronze
Electric Avenue Use the EMP to take down 25 drones Bronze
Expert Sniper Get 50 headshot kills in Campaign Mode Bronze
Feeling Lucky, Punk Detonate multiple Magnum rounds to kill 2+ enemies at once, 5 times Bronze
Fireworks Use the Wildfire secondary fire to kill 6 enemies in one shot Bronze
Frickin' Laser Beams Get to the first mineshaft without being hit by sniper fire in Mt. Pleasant, PA Bronze
From the Hip Kill 50 enemies with the Bullseye or Marksman while moving, without using zoom Bronze
Gardener Destroy 100 blast roots Bronze
Good Fences Don't allow any counter-attackers into the Washington Square base Bronze
Grasshopper Unit Kill 5 Longlegs in mid-jump Bronze
Grenadier Kill 3 or more Military Chimera with a single Grenade Bronze
Hello Driver Kill 5 drivers without destroying their vehicle Bronze
Helping Hands Revive a Co-op partner 20 times Bronze
In This Together Defeat the Widowmaker in Times Square without killing a single Hybrid Bronze
Juggler Simultaneously burn, freeze and poison 4 separate enemies Bronze
Land, Sea, and Air Travel in 3 different vehicles on your journey Bronze
Medusa Freeze 5 enemies at once and destroy them with a blast of the Cryogun's secondary fire Bronze
No Escape Destroy all Warden vehicles in the Motorpool Bronze
Nothing But Net Score a basket by lobbing a grenade through a basketball hoop Bronze
One Eyed Jack Find and kill 'Jack' in Graterford Prison Bronze
Opportunity Knocks Kill 20 enemies with environmental objects Bronze
Overload Use the EMP to take down 10 Steelhead Auger shields Bronze
Raining Limbs Kill 25 Grims using only grenades Bronze
Roops! Knock a Hybrid off the cliffs in Mt. Pleasant, PA Bronze
Sandman Kill 5 Grims in a row using only headshots Bronze
Shoe Leather Travel 30 km on foot Bronze
Short Out Defeat the Stalker in under 60 seconds Bronze
Slay Bells Make Santa and his reindeer fly Bronze
Snipe Hunt Collect all Deadeye rifles without dying while fighting the Widowmaker in St. Louis Bronze
Tag, You're It Kill 40 Bullseye tagged enemies Bronze
This is my Rifle Fully upgrade one weapon in Campaign Mode Bronze
Toast Use the upgraded Deadeye secondary fire to kill 2+ enemies, 5 times Bronze
Up Your Arsenal Get a kill with every weapon in your arsenal Bronze
Vehicular Manslaughter Destroy 10 Warden vehicles while on the train Bronze
Warp Speed Use the Atomizer secondary fire to kill 30 enemies Bronze
Waste Not Get 5 headshot kills with one Deadeye clip Bronze
Weaponsmith Upgrade 5 weapons in Campaign Mode Bronze
Zookeeper Kill the Brawler in Haven without taking any damage Bronze
Archivalist Collect all journals Silver
Irresistible Force Complete Campaign Mode on any difficulty Silver
Master Mechanic Fully upgrade all weapons in Campaign Mode Silver
Silent Partner Damage the same enemy in Cooperative Mode for 100 kills Silver
Brutal Complete Campaign Mode on Superhuman Gold
Platinum Trophy Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies for Resistance 3 Platinum

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