Resistance 3 Questionarium

Competitive multiplayer? Weapon damage handling? Global Resistance? We tell you what you want to know about Resistance 3 in our latest Questionarium.

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You've got questions, and we have answers! We pull back the curtain on some of your burning questions about the PlayStation-exclusive shooter Resistance 3.

BaronSector: Do you know whether we're going to see the Doomsday Edition in Australia?

GameSpot AU: Unfortunately, it looks like it won't be making the journey Down Under. If you haven't been keeping score, the Doomsday Edition includes a copy of the game, a PlayStation Move sharpshooter gun shell, a Move motion controller, a Move navigation controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a bunch of other goodies.

Instead, Aussies will be able to pick up either a standard version (the special edition that includes a bonus vinyl-looking Blu-ray disc, and it comes packaged in a steel-book case) or the piece de resistance, so to speak, the Survivor Edition. The biggest and most expensive version includes the same steel-book packaging and vinyl disc of the Special Edition, as well as a handful of multiplayer DLC bonuses like an automatic start at level five, an SRPA Black Ops skin, an Infected Nathan Hale skin, the special multiplayer "Sentinel" title, and the chance to equip the air fuel grenade.

Also included are some nifty physical tidbits, with a Joe Capelli journal, a hip flask, a canvas satchel, a Chimera firing range target (in case you forget what you're shooting at), a deck of SRPA playing cards, and some Resistance 3 army men. The PlayStation Move sharpshooter shells and controllers are available separately locally anyway, so if you do want to play the game with motion, you can always build your own Doomsday Edition by picking up the individual bits and pieces as needed.

Campzor: Is there a split-screen versus mode to go along with the campaign co-op?

GS AU: Co-op is a big part of Resistance 3. You'll be able to team up and shoot your way through the campaign mode either in split-screen local play or online with a friend. The even better news is that like Sony's other major upcoming game, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 will support split-screen competitive multiplayer. This means that you'll be able to log in to two different PSN IDs simultaneously on the same console and level up both profiles at the same time.

Bioshockraptor: How is the gun damage? Does it feel like it takes too many bullets to kill an enemy?

GS AU: If you're considering the move from another first-person shooter already out, like Call of Duty: Black Ops, expect a bit of a learning curve as you readjust to needing to put a good few rounds into your target. How many is too many comes down to personal taste, but we liked having a fighting chance when you get attacked from behind and are able to swing around and fire off a few shots, and just maybe take them down. It is a little weird going back to health packs in the single-player campaign, and offering regenerative health for online play, but it works, and multiplayer is a lot of fun.

Hellcat-: Are multiplayer classes back?

GS AU: Multiplayer has been significantly changed for Resistance 3. The 40- and 60-player modes of Resistance and Resistance 2 are gone, and this time it's all about six-player human versus Chimera deathmatch and objective-based modes.

Classes are coming back, but the game is really built around customisation. The first few levels that you unlock give you set loadouts, so expect to play with old favourite weapons like the M5A2 carbine, the Bullseye, the Rossmore shotgun, the Auger, and the new Atomizer. Each preset class includes a perk, such as a doppelganger holographic decoy, bubble or lightning shield, or Ammo Beacons to help you resupply and keep on shooting. As you progress, you'll unlock more individual items, and soon enough you'll be mixing and matching perks to suit your play style and improving your reload or firing speeds.

Skywarp Greer on the GameSpot AU Facebook group: Will more unlocks be available in-game by playing Global Resistance, with future DLC, or in patches?

GS AU: The game is only just hitting, and already you want future DLC and patches? Steady on there, son! We'd hazard a guess that Sony is going to keep the lid on future Resistance 3 plans close to its chest, but we can tell you a little about Global Resistance. Essentially, it's a free-to-play real-time strategy game on the website, and it lets you and friends bring the hurt to the opposing faction. There's no fence sitting, and you're stuck once you've committed to either the human or Chimera side, but by playing you will unlock exclusive multiplayer skins and titles, experience boosters, and concept art. It's live right now, so jump in and check it out.

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Resistance 3 is out exclusively on the PlayStation 3 today, Thursday, September 8. Check out our full review here.

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