Resistance 3 official soundtrack now available

Soundtrack distributed by Sumthing Else Music Works; on sale at Best Buy, GameStop, and other retail outlets.

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Gamers who enjoyed the sounds and tunes emanating from last year's PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter Resistance 3 can now get the recently released original soundtrack in CD form.

The Resistance 3 original soundtrack CD is distributed under the Sumthing Else Music Works through a licensing relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment America and developer Insomniac Games.

The game's music was composed by Boris Salchow and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. Interested parties can buy the CD at retail outlets such as Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Resistance 3 garnered critical acclaim for its huge arsenal of weapons, gorgeous environmental designs, challenging campaign, and online multiplayer. For more information, check out GameSpot's recent review.

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$11.53 on Amazon
$19.98 on Walmart

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