Resistance 3 Beta Codes Giveaway

We have plenty of ways to get a Resistance 3 beta code!


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Hey everyone! We have some Resistance 3 beta codes we'll be giving away on today's episode of GameSpot Sync. So, if you're a GameSpot or Youtube registrant that watches GameSpot Sync, be sure to follow the instructions to participate in the trivia!

We're also setting aside some codes for Fuse, Twitter, and Facebook followers. And On the Spot will have even more to hand out. So if you miss out during today's episode of Sync, you'll have plenty more opportunities!

Here's all you have to do to get a Resistance 3 Beta Codes today on Fuse, Fuse. Go to your page and tell us why you're so freaking excited for Resistance 3. The first 13 people to respond to @GS-Community will get their Beta Code! You can also go to our GameSpot Spotlight page and send us a video response to JodyR's video.

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