Resistance 2 revealed

<i>Game Informer</i> confirms top-rated PS3 launch game will become franchise for Sony's rising console.


Resistance 2

As is the case with most batches of platform-launch games, critics weren't especially kind to the titles that debuted alongside the PlayStation 3. According to Metacritic, the most consistently well-reviewed launch title for the platform was Resistance: Fall of Man. Developed by Ratchet & Clank creators Insomniac Games, the title blended science fiction and Harry Turtledove-esque alternate history, portraying an alien invasion of England in the 1950s--after World War II didn't happen.

According to industry-research group NPD Funworld, Resistance was a solid seller, moving nearly 791,000 copies domestically as of November 2007. Little wonder, then, that as rumored, the acclaimed game is getting sequel treatment. The February edition of Game Informer reveals that yes, Insomniac is hard at work on a sequel, tentatively titled Resistance 2.

According to the magazine, Resistance 2 will support two campaigns, multiplayer battles of up to 60 people, and eight-person online co-op play. Unconfirmed reports say the game will support three character classes--including a heavy weapons, special operations, and the all-important medic. It will also incorporate vehicles, including the alien-built Stalker, which will have cloaking abilities.

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