Resident Evil Village's Main Menu Has A Subtle Easter Egg

Resident Evil Village's main menu is pretty straightforward, but there's a tiny touch that some players might miss.


Resident Evil Village's main menu isn't anything spectacular on its face, but it has a small Easter egg that some players might miss. As you progress through the game, the time of day indicated by the background will change. Check out the below photos for comparison.

While it's definitely subtle, this is an interesting touch because it reflects the fact that the game takes place over a single day. Another game that uses a changing time of day to great thematic effect is Bloodborne, where evening gives way to night, and then night to a cosmic nightmare-scape. Two other games that take place mostly over a single day include Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

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Resident Evil Village has only been out a few days, but Capcom already expects the game to turn a record profit along with Monster Hunter Rise. We also recently learned that Lady Dimitrescu was brought to life with the help of a large stick to mark the character's eyelines. If you're struggling with the big baddies, we've got some beginner tips and a full spoiler-free walkthrough to help you out, so check them out if you're interested. We've also got guides on where to find all the food in the game for those essential upgrades, as well as a hub for all our other guides.

In our Resident Evil Village review, critic Phil Hornshaw called Resident Evil Village a fusion of Resident Evil 7's horror-focused atmosphere and Resident Evil 4's nonstop action.

"Resident Evil 7 was an excellent return to the horror underpinnings of the franchise, but cunningly altered with new ideas and a new perspective," he wrote. "Similarly, Village is an intelligent reintroduction of the best action elements of Resident Evil. Though it captures some of the same things that made RE7 such a breath of fresh air (or maybe rancid, stale, mold-filled air, but in a good way), Village evolves to become its own unique creature. It makes you wonder what beautifully twisted fiend Resident Evil might mutate into in the future."

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