Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu Is Captured Perfectly By Very Tall Olympian

Russian Olympian Yekaterina Lisina has shared a stunning rendition of the Resident Evil Village antagonist.


Since the game's initial reveal, Resident Evil Village fans have been drawn to character we assme will be the main antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu. In typical internet fashion, it has been somewhat obsessive, with her meme status somewhat overshadowing the game. Although she's not exactly the right height for the character--but who is?--it's difficult to argue that Russian Olympian Yekaterina Lisina hasn't produced the best cosplay for the character yet. Very few can match her relative closeness to Dimitrescu's height.

At 6'9", Lisina isn't able to measure up to the 9'6" that Capcom says Lady Dimitrescu is in-game, but she's probably the closest we'll get. Lisina currently holds the world record for the longest legs for a woman, as well as being the Guinness World Record for the world's tallest professional model. That allows her to pull off Dimitrescu's elegant look with ease, although the model says it was anything but simple.

Posting on Instagram, Lisina says the cosplay came about after numerous fan requests for the project. The costume design, construction, and photography took hours of work, but Lisina seems pleased with the results. So much so that she's teasing more Dimitrescu content in the near future, which you can follow on her Instagram page.

Resident Evil: Village is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on May 7. A PS5-exclusive demo is out now, which lets you explore parts of the opulent Dimitrescu mansion and ultimately be slain by the Lady of the house. And if you picked up Resident Evil Village, then be sure to check out our guides roundup, which includes our spoiler-free walkthrough, essential beginner's tips, treasure guide, and more. Otherwise, read up on why you should start the game on hardcore difficulty.

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