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Resident Evil Village Steam Update Improves Anti-Piracy Stuttering, Adds FSR

An update to Resident Evil Village makes adjustments to the stuttering caused by the game's anti-piracy software, as well as adding support for FidelityFX Super Resolution.


Resident Evil Village has received an update for the Steam version of the game that adjusts the game's anti-piracy measures to improve performance. The update also adds AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) to the game, which uses upscaling and sharpening to make the game run smoother.

Earlier this month, Digital Foundry determined through testing that the cracked (i.e. pirated) version of Resident Evil Village actually runs better than the official version of the game, a difference that is apparently caused by the game's DRM. Capcom quickly announced an update that would fix these issues, and that update is now live.

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These stutters are a significant problem for PC players, bringing frame rates down from the low hundreds to 20 or 30fps during certain sequences. It's also worth noting that the Resident Evil Village performs better on consoles, even with ray tracing enabled. It's currently unclear if this update manages to fix these stuttering issues, but we'll have to see how the player base reacts. If not, perhaps modders can fix the problem, as was the case with Nier: Automata's resolution woes on PC. That issue was finally officially fixed this week on Steam.

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