Resident Evil Village Mod Gives Chris Redfield A Baby Head

Chris looks like an adorable little baby thanks to this PC mod.


The opening minutes of Resident Evil Village makes for some pretty grim viewing, as long-time hero Chris Redfield breaks into Ethan Winters' home and kidnaps his child, Rose. A traumatic introduction to the terror still to come, but what if the entire situation were more hilarious than horrific?

Thanks to modder JTeghius Kittius, you can flip the script and replace Rose with a tiny Chris Redfield on the PC version of the game. Taking things a step further, you can also place Rose's head on Redfield's massive frame, creating a truly bizarre Resident Evil adventure in the process.

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"This was a dumb joke that popped into my head so I had to do this," JTeghius wrote on the Nexus Mods page. "So the baby actually has facial animations too which work on the mini-me. Some aspects may look a little weird, but it's all for the 10-second joke am I right?"

They grow up so fast.
They grow up so fast.

If you're interested in adding some weirdness to your Resident Evil Village run, you can grab the baby Chris Redfield mod from this link and the far creepier baby Rose on Redfield's body mod over here.

Resident Evil Village is off to a strong start so far, as Capcom has announced that it has shipped more than 3 million units since the game's release on May 7. The latest game is just the first of many new Resident Evil projects that will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise, with the new multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse--included with Village--currently in development, the CG series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness coming to Netflix soon, and a new movie, Welcome to Raccoon City, releasing in September.

Publisher Capcom had an impressive financial year according to its latest report this week, and thanks to the strong sales of Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise, it expects that trend to continue well into 2022. If you're facing any challenges in Capcom's latest spooky game, you can check out our Resident Evil Village walkthrough hub for spoiler-free guides.

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