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Resident Evil Village Ditches Denuvo DRM On Steam

The removal comes almost two years after the survival-horror game launched.


Capcom has quietly cut out the anti-piracy tech Denuvo from Resident Evil Village on Steam. The DRM has been controversial for the survival-horror game, as people blamed its inclusion for causing performance issues.

Dark Side of Gaming first spotted Resident Evil Village ditching Denuvo. SteamDB backed that up by noting the anti-tamper tech's removal. The move by Capcom comes almost two years after the game launched.

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Back in 2021, players highlighted that cracked versions of Resident Evil Village had better performance on PC than the Steam version with Denuvo. The thought was the DRM running in the background hurts the game's frame rate, something that didn't occur in the cracked versions. For example, the early encounter with Lady Dimitrescu's daughters reportedly knocked the frame rate down from the 100s all the way down to the 30s. Denuvo has been criticized for this very issue on a lot of other titles, too.

Much more recently, Resident Evil Village's VR mode released February 22 on PlayStation VR 2. The free DLC lets players go through the game's entire campaign in VR.

Resident Evil 4 remake also recently came out to rave reviews and strong sales. Capcom boasted that the game has sold over 4 million copies in just two weeks.

For more on the survival-horror game, check out GameSpot's Resident Evil Village review.

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