Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Trademarked in Europe and Japan

Announcement of new entry in Capcom's zombie survival series could be on the horizon.


Capcom has trademarked Resident Evi: Umbrella Corps in Europe and Japan, sparking speculation that a new entry in the series may be set for an announcement soon.

The trademark initially surfaced on the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and was listed simply as "Umbrella Corps," indicating it may not be part of the core Resident Evil series, and may instead be another spin-off.

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Since then, however, it has appeared on the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office--spotted by DualShockers--and is listed as "Biohazard Umbrella Corps." Unlike the OHIM listing, this listing is attached to the Resident Evil (Biohazard) brand.

As of yet Capcom has not officially announced or even teased the game, so it is still unclear whether it is a console game, a mobile game, or if something else entirely. GameSpot has contacted Capcom for a statement on the listing.

The last game to bear the "Umbrella" moniker was Wii lightgun title Resident: Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, which was also released for PlayStation 3 following a period of exclusivity on Nintendo's console.

In other Capcom news, the company has been grappling with server issues impacting the PlayStation 4-exclusive Street Fighter 5 beta. Scheduled to begin worldwide on Friday, the beta was affected by server downtime, eventually leading to it being completely suspended. Although Capcom later allowed North American players to connect, it was subsequently taken down once again.

Capcom has said it plans to make up for the ongoing issues by extending the test beyond its originally scheduled end date. The PS4-only beta is set to be followed by a PC beta later this year, and then a third test after that.

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Maybe it's going to be announced at Gamescom. Hope it's something good!

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Pray to god it's not a Wii U exclusive.

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I really hope it's similar to Resident Evil: Outbreak series.

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@kikkoman808: that is EXACTLY what I said to my son the other day!! I loved Outbreak and it was a shame they didn't do more with it.

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It is a tycoon game.

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I'm wondering if we're going to see Resident Evil 7 soon. I had no love for 6 or 5. Resident Evil 4 was absolute brilliance, and The Evil Within, annoying technical issues aside was a fantastic game too, and continues to be with its somewhat overpriced DLC.

If anyone was wanting proper widescreen in that game by the way (not just black bar removal, but real FOV improvements) all you have to do is install the free FlawlessWidescreen app and it's suddenly a real joy to play. Real suspense like the good old days. Real intrigue and just great, addictive, panic-inducing fun.

I hope RE7 is a little more like that or like 4.

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@naryanrobinson: the thing is, RE 5 was nearly an exact replica of RE4, in regards to combat mechanics and whatnot. Sure, you may have been able to put gems into beer mugs to make it more worthwhile to sell in RE4, but quite frankly there was not greater difference between the two (aside from playable protagonists of course).

Honestly, I think this "RE 4 is the greatest RE game ever" rhetoric is entirely based on nostalgia, and this can also be said for those who state the same thing only instead about RE1-3 vs RE4-6. As many people, I played the sh!t out of RE 4 on PS2, played the story probably over ten times, and pretty sure I am still in love with the red 9 gun (I think it was called); but I know how to move on. RE5 was fantastic, and carried on nearly all mechanics from RE4. The only difference was the time frame from when they were released, realistically.

Now, I cannot stress to you and everyone else how majority of us gamers during this time and age have become too friendly with cynicism and hyper-criticism. Case in point, RE6. Being a serious fan of the RE series, RE6 was excellent. After hearing for years everyone b!tching endlessly about RE4 and RE5 combat mechanics like: "why can't I move when I shoot?! this is stupid! RE1 the best lololololol" kind of rhetoric, when the studio FINALLY revamps the combat mechanics nearly 100x fold and its fluid as flu-like diarrhea , everyone then again finds something to b!tch about. I bet when RE1 came out or some years after, there was a number of people b!tching about not being able to control the camera angles.

All in all, move on. Times change and so do people. Some creators don't want to create the same thing they created almost a decade ago. Stop wasting time wishing for yesterday to become today again, because, well buddy, yesterday is already in the books. And for goodness sakes, just drop the controller if you don't like a game. You don't have to slam people for games that they like which so happen to be games you don't like. People like different sh!t.

Capcom, just keep making RE games. People who know how to have reckless, mindless fun still enjoy them <3

PS whenever I said "you", I wasn't always referring to you solely, but more or less the gaming population as a whole lol

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@Gblazer01: That's exactly my point, yeah it was a replica in terms of combat mechanics, and yet it was an infinitely better game. Why? Because guess what, there's more to a game than combat mechanics.

It has nothing to do with nostalgia. People weren't nostalgic about it the day it came out, but that didn't stop it averaging a 9.5. Show me another game in the series that can do that. Right, there aren't any. For anyone who cares about atmosphere, character, charm, level design, enemy design, story, and a dedicated single player experience, RE4 is the vastly superior game. Nothing to do with “moving on”, it simply is better in every conceivable way except graphics, and as a multiplayer experience.

RE5 single-player was a generic baby-sitting simulator without a memorable line of dialogue in the entire game. You hardly had any darkness or atmosphere, you were *never* alone but always playing a stupid inventory juggling mini game with an AI idiot who follows you everywhere. The same unimaginative, shapeless blob of an enemy recycled about 5 times. The same generic action film music in the background at every moment. The enemies actually raise their hands straight out in front of them and shout “rrrarrrrarrrr” before they start running towards you, like a mother might when playing with a 3-year-old. Puzzles have been taken out of the series entirely. A ridiculous camera angle where Chris's monster triceps (am I supposed to feel helpless?) take up 30% of the FOV. Enemies simply drop down from the sky the majority of the time because the weak, linear level design doesn't provide them an adequate spawn point, so you can't counter-strategise mid-fight. All the guns names have been replaced with military designations to destroy even more of the charm and make it even more like a military shooter. You can buy an AK-47 in a Resident Evil game (that's the point where I gave up thinking I'd get a memorable experience out of RE5). You can just jump back and forth between chapters at will, so that tense part that you found tricky and uncomfortable? Guess what, just skip it. Cause the story and atmosphere were just tacked-on afterthoughts anyway, so knock yourself out.

Again, this doesn't say anything about it as a game. As a game, it's objectively good, even though I personally hated it since I had expectations for the series. As a Resident Evil game, it's god damn awful. And I'm not stuck in the past either, I loved RE1, but loved RE4 even more the moment it came out, and acknowledged you can't produce games with RE1 mechanics any more and expect them to sell. But it's the former game reviewers rightfully focus on, not the latter, so of course it achieved a good score, like COD achieves a good score. You can't objectively say that COD is a “bad” game. This proves people aren't just “stuck in the past.” RE6 on the other hand was awful in both respects, and so, naturally, received bad scores.

“when the studio FINALLY revamps the combat mechanics nearly 100x fold and its fluid as flu-like diarrhea , everyone then again finds something to b!tch about.”

Are you implying that, because they revamped the combat, we shouldn't complain about every other stupid decision in the game? We should just look at the combat and praise it for being different, then just keep our mouths shut about everything else and be grateful?

“You don't have to slam people for games that they like which so happen to be games you don't like.” I wasn't talking about people, I was talking about RE6, just like most of the gaming community. The only one complaining about people's opinions here is you. “...everyone then again finds something to b!tch about.”

All I want is a good game that maintains the series' integrity. I like the series... because I like the series. I don't like the series just so that it can turn into a military cover shooter as soon as they feel they can squeeze more money out of it. The final 30% of RE5 was just embarrassing. I had an AK-47, they all had an AK-47, “press A to take cover”, and just wait until their head pops up then blow it off. Absolute sell-out.

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@naryanrobinson: I wish they would go back to the beginning and reboot the entire series as two complementary series, one survival horror and the other action adventure. RE 5 is one of the most underrated games of last generation. It is a super fun action game that was attacked because it wasn't what people wanted from a Resident Evil game.

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@deathstream: To be underrated is has to be... well... underrated.

It scored around the 8 or 9 mark everywhere it went.

Personally I didn't enjoy the game for a number of stupid design decisions that really surfaced when playing in single player, boring characters and dialogue and an utterly forgettable story.

But at the same time I could sort of see that the mechanics were very solid, and the environments varied, and the controls and gameplay were sharp and responsive, and objectively (and that was difficult for me), it was actually a good game.

The problem was just that it was only one step or two away from a military shooter, and god knows I am sick of military shooters everywhere I look. It was that character that made the series intriguing in the first place, and it's evaporating right before our eyes.

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“Capcom has trademarked Resident Evi”

Close enough.

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I sure hope so ! I've played every RE game, I became a fanatic ever since the first RE game was released.

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I hope its a sequel to raccoon city! The game was bad but fun and with a little thought i think it could be great

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@camou504: Me and my friends loved Raccoon City, we bought it all for Xbox360 and PC. I really enjoyed the random Zombie NPC's in the Multiplayer and the 4 Player Co-op was great, the only thing that suckt about RE: ORC was that the guns didn't feel right and the cover mechanic could of been better.

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@camou504: I completely agree, it's definitely a game you'd enjoy more while playing with friends. I still enjoyed it though (played solo), it does have some good potential.

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Sounds very much like some phone game to me, it has that typical ring to it..but I'm interested nonetheless.

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Could be a successor to Operation Racoon City, while critically panned, it was commercially successful.

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I'm hoping for a spin off where you play through the main Resident Evil stories from Ablert Wesker's perspective.

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It better not be coming to Nintendo, I wont fall for that shat again. Screw Resident Evil, they can stay far away from my 3DS and Wii U, im tired of supporting them. They screwed us over on Resident Evil 5, 6, and Revelations 2. No mas!!!

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Sounds like an MMO :<

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This should be good

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Nope. My bet, its a remaster.