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Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Trademarked in Europe and Japan

Announcement of new entry in Capcom's zombie survival series could be on the horizon.


Capcom has trademarked Resident Evi: Umbrella Corps in Europe and Japan, sparking speculation that a new entry in the series may be set for an announcement soon.

The trademark initially surfaced on the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and was listed simply as "Umbrella Corps," indicating it may not be part of the core Resident Evil series, and may instead be another spin-off.

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Since then, however, it has appeared on the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office--spotted by DualShockers--and is listed as "Biohazard Umbrella Corps." Unlike the OHIM listing, this listing is attached to the Resident Evil (Biohazard) brand.

As of yet Capcom has not officially announced or even teased the game, so it is still unclear whether it is a console game, a mobile game, or if something else entirely. GameSpot has contacted Capcom for a statement on the listing.

The last game to bear the "Umbrella" moniker was Wii lightgun title Resident: Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, which was also released for PlayStation 3 following a period of exclusivity on Nintendo's console.

In other Capcom news, the company has been grappling with server issues impacting the PlayStation 4-exclusive Street Fighter 5 beta. Scheduled to begin worldwide on Friday, the beta was affected by server downtime, eventually leading to it being completely suspended. Although Capcom later allowed North American players to connect, it was subsequently taken down once again.

Capcom has said it plans to make up for the ongoing issues by extending the test beyond its originally scheduled end date. The PS4-only beta is set to be followed by a PC beta later this year, and then a third test after that.

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