Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Opens Bigger In China Than Newest Star Wars

Big figures for China.


After premiering in the US and Europe in January, the newest Resident Evil movie, The Final Chapter, opened in the massive Chinese market this weekend--and it did very well.

It made $33 million on its first day and $70 million after just two days ,according to Deadline. By comparison, Star Wars: Rogue One made $31 million for its opening weekend in China (a three-day tally).

Another comparison to make is to the Michael Fassbender-starring Assassin's Creed, which made no more than $7 million for its opening in China, according to Deadline.

The Final Chapter has now made around $175 million worldwide.

Like Warcraft, The Final Chapter is faring much better internationally than domestically. The movie made only $26.5 million in the US for its lifetime, a figure that the movie surpassed in China on its first day.

The Final Chapter, the sixth movie in the series, is apparently the last one from director Paul W.S. Anderson and franchise star Milla Jovovich. Across six movies, the Resident Evil film series has passed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, making it far and away the most successful video game movie franchise ever.

As for the Resident Evil video game series, Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3 million copies. The game's newest DLC, Not A Hero, is coming out this Spring.

In other movie news, we'll report back with a box office report for the US later today. Additionally, we'll have a roundup of all the winners from the 89th Academy Awards tonight.

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All these Resident Evil movies suck.

Not one represents the game. The first movie in 2002 was probably the only decent one.

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@jimmyjimmyjim: The second movie came closest to representing a game (RE 2/3).

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@jimmyjimmyjim: IMO the first Mortal Kombat movie is so much better. at least it has the Story of the game.

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@jimmyjimmyjim: First was still shit but had some fun moments. Well one really, the laser scene that got put in RE 4.

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The first one was supposed to serve as a prequel to the games.

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I guess when you're constantly consuming lead and breathing carbon monoxide your standards for entertainment slip.

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@catsimboy: No, Star Wars is worse though. Wouldnt their standards have increased if they liked something better than Star Wars?

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@darksouls: Nah, you're just a dumbass.

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@parabol69: Somebody's butthurt lol

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@catsimboy: All those neurons are just soldered together at this point, so big flashy CGI strobe-trash lights it all up. ;)

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Made in China taste.

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