Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gets New Release Date

First episode pushed back a week, now due to launch February 24.


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Capcom's upcoming horror game Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has been delayed, but thankfully for fans, the pushback is only a week. The first episode in the episodic series, originally scheduled to launch February 17, is now due to arrive February 24.

"In an effort to fine-tune the final product, we've moved the release of the first episode back just one week to February 24," Capcom said on its website.

Due to the delay of the first episode, the release dates for subsequent installments, as well as the disc-based retail edition that packages them all together, has also shifted. The new schedule for individual episodes is below, while the retail disc for consoles is now launching March 17.

Individual episodes cost $6 each, or $25 for the full season. Alternatively, the retail disc costs $40, and comes with a series of extra bonus content.

PSN (US)PSN (EU)Xbox LiveSteam
Episode 1Feb 24Feb 25Feb 25Feb 25
Episode 2March 3March 4March 4March 4
Episode 3March 10March 11March 11March 11
Episode 4March 17March 18March 18March 18

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