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Resident Evil Resistance Introduces A New Character With An Odd Relation To Jill Valentine

"You were almost a Jill Sandwich."


Capcom announced a remake of Resident Evil 3 earlier this week, during PlayStation's final State of Play of 2019. As a surprise, the announce trailer also revealed that Resident Evil Resistance will be included as part of Resident Evil 3 when it launches early next year. The asymmetrical four vs. one multiplayer game was originally shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show, back when it was codenamed Project Resistance. It pits four survivors against a single Mastermind as they attempt to escape a fiendish experiment.

Now, Capcom has introduced one of the previously unannounced characters you'll be able to play as when attempting to survive the maniacal Mastermind's maze of horrors. His name? Martin Sandwich.

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The young Sandwich is a skilled engineer and mechanic who's able to create traps to slow down or stun enemies. Impressive, considering he looks like a small child. Martin Sandwich is actually 19 years old despite his baby face, and joins a cast of characters that includes Samuel Jordan, a 21-year-old boxer; January Van Sant, a 21-year-old hacker; 22-year-old park ranger Becca Woolett; 23-year-old grad student Valerin Harmon; and Tyrone Henry, a 25-year-old firefighter. You'll notice that none of these names are particularly unusual, aside from January Van Sant which is a little out there.

Martin Sandwich stands out for obvious loaf-related reasons, but he's probably also an intentional reference to the Jill Sandwich scene from the original 1996 release of Resident Evil.

He might be able to build traps, but can he escape them as proficiently as his namesake? And will Barry Burton be around if he does? We'll have to find out when Resident Evil 3 launches on April 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We've even got you covered with a comprehensive pre-order guide.

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