Resident Evil on Katana

After selling 3.8 million copies worldwide, Sega says it would like to see Bio Hazard on the Katana.


It started out innocently enough. Capcom held a press event earlier this week to announce huge sales of Resident Evil 2/Bio Hazard 2 on the PlayStation.

During the reception, Capcom announced that the game has sold 3.8 million copies in the US and Japan (with projections for total sales topping five million by the end of the year with a boost from the game's European release).

But the most surprising announcement (and certainly the one we're focusing on here), came from Sega's president, Soichirou Irimajiri, who stated, "By all means, our next machine will have Bio Hazard."

Whether that's going to be Resident Evil 3 (which is already rumored to be under way) or a remixed version of RE2 is currently unknown.

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