Resident Evil Musical Coming to Japan

Musical Resident Evil is its name.


First there was a Resident Evil Burrito, now the zombie franchise is extending to another category. Capcom today announced a Resident Evil musical stage production, coming to Japan this fall.

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The show is called Musical Resident Evil and will star Reon Yuzuki, according to Kotaku. Yuzuki leads the all-female Takarazuka Revue, which previously did stage shows for Ace Attorney games.

Though Yuzuki will star in the Resident Evil musical, the actual production is being led by playwright and director G2.

Kotaku further reports that the musical will tell an original story and is scheduled to run from September to October in Tokyo before moving to Osaka in November. Fans may be happy to learn that Capcom veteran Resident Evil producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is supervising the stage production.

There is no word yet about Musical Resident Evil coming to the United States.

In other music-related Capcom news, the Japanese publisher has announced a touring concert series during which orchestras will perform famous songs from the company's games.

The Resident Evil musical and concert series are part of Capcom's "Single Contest, Multiple Usage Strategy" whereby the company leverages its brands beyond gaming alone.

The next Resident Evil game is shooter spinoff Umbrella Corps, which comes out in May. After that, Capcom plans to re-release Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 on Xbox One and PS4.

Would you be interested in a Resident Evil musical? Let us know in the comments below!

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If "Jill Sandwich" is not the second act showstopper I'm out.

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Games would actually make quite good musicals given that the subject matter is so vivid and already broken up in parts or acts.

Than you have the game music which is bombastic and often the forefront of the game which would come across well in a musical.

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Lets sing while zombies eat us!

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Is that really a name? Reon? It sounds like our bastardized version of Japanese wordage.

Sure it's not Leon?

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Currently enjoying a Jill sandwich of RE Remake and Revelations after grabbing them during the recent anniversary sale. Was seriously considering a trip to Japan in the fall to enjoy the foliage but this might make for an interesting side-quest.

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Japan, you're weird.

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This is what we get instead of RE 7. Musical RE though is not the weirdest shit in Japan.

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@phrasesound: I really doubt this has any effect on whether or when Capcom makes RE7.

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Resident a musical?!?!?!?......... WTF, Japan???

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Resident evil musical, really?

I am a big fan of Resident Evil franchise and I like almost all of their games and movies.

But I am not interested in this musical

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...What a waste of resources -.-

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RE music is not very memorable. I can't hum a single tune.

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April Fool's isn't for another couple of weeks right?