Resident Evil Gets Network Support

Capcom announces that Resident Evil: Code Veronica will make use of the Dreamcast's network features.


TOKYO - Kenzo Tsujimoto, president of Capcom, informed Bloomberg yesterday that its upcoming Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) game for Dreamcast, Bio Hazard code: Veronica, will be compatible with the system's network features. The details are not yet clear, but players will be able to download data for the game from the Internet. Capcom is planning to ship 400,000 copies of the game in Japan within this fiscal year.

Capcom also plans to release two other Resident Evil titles this fiscal year - Bio Hazard 3: The Last Escape (Resident Evil: Nemesis in the US) for the PlayStation and Bio Hazard 2 for the Nintendo 64. The company is expecting to push 1.7 million units (1.2 for domestic/500,000 overseas) for Bio Hazard 3, and 280,000 units (50,000 domestic/230,000 overseas) for Bio Hazard 2.

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