Resident Evil DS gets detailed

Deadly Silence will have remake and original modes when it hits Japanese shelves in January.


Resident Evil

Much to the chagrin of import-friendly gamers, Capcom's Resident Evil: Deadly Silence won't be replacing their nighttime visions of sugarplums with night terrors of decayed and animated corpses in time for the holidays. However, the game won't miss that release window by much, and its mid-January Japanese release date means it won't be long before they can waste away long winter nights staving off sleep while the light of the DS keeps the dark at bay.

In a bid to heighten anticipation, the latest issue of Famitsu reveals the game's January 19 release and 5,040 yen ($44) price tag, as well as details about the game's two modes: rebirth and classic.

The rebirth mode is the main mode of the game, where the player can experience a remake of the original Resident Evil with new traps, different enemy locations, touch-screen features, and controls updated to play more like a recent Resident Evil game. Players can do a quick 180 degree turn, draw their trusty survival knife, and reload their weapon without needing to go through a menu screen.

Classic mode, on the other hand, lets players enjoy Resident Evil like the original PlayStation release. The controls, traps, and enemy layouts will be true to the original, and there's no use of the DS stylus. What's more, classic mode features the full-voiced event dialogues, as well as the PlayStation's live action opening and ending movies.

In terms of multiplayer gaming, Deadly Silence includes cooperative and versus modes that let up to four players enjoy the game together. In cooperative mode, players will help each other escape from the mansion by taking on enemies and traps together. The versus mode lets players compete with each other for the high score by killing the most multicolored zombies. Unfortunately, the game does not support Nintendo Wi-Fi at the moment.

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