Resident Evil 7's $180 CE Comes With Creepy Music Box, Severed Finger USB Drive

The premium version launches in January alongside the standard edition.


Resident Evil 7 is getting a GameStop-exclusive collector's edition--and it looks pretty cool. The centerpiece of the $180 bundle is a 8-inch tall Mansion Music Box that plays a sample of the game's theme song, "Aunt Rhody." There are LED effects that are synced up with the music.

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Additionally, the premium bundle comes with a wicked gross-looking 4 GB USB drive meant to look like a dummy finger. You also get a lithograph featuring the Baker family and a "creepy note" from them. Further, the bundle includes a VHS tape box to house the finger (or any other small object) and a copy of the game that comes with a metal case.

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All of this comes inside packaging that shows the silhouette of a person staring out one of the house's windows. It's all appropriately creepy.

The image shows that this bundle was made by Project Triforce, which makes all manner of video game products from franchises like Halo, Mass Effect, Battlefield, and many others.

The Resident Evil 7 collector's edition, which is listed for PS4 and Xbox One but not PC, goes on sale on January 24, 2017, alongside the standard edition (via DualShockers). It remains to be seen if other retailers will offer exclusive versions of the game or preorder DLC; we'll report back with more details as they're announced.

Also debuting in January 2017 is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the newest--and possibly last--entry in the film series. It opens in theaters on January 27, 2017--watch the newest trailer here.

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