Resident Evil 7 Supports Xbox One to PC Cross-Saves

Resident Evil 7 allows you to start on Xbox One, finish on PC.


Resident Evil 7: biohazard will support cross-saves between its Xbox One and PC versions. That means you can start playing on your Xbox One, then pick up where you left off on your PC.

Japanese site Dengeki first reported the feature, stating, "the Windows Store version can share play data with the Xbox One version." IGN says the game's publisher, Capcom, confirmed the cross-save feature in a statement.

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Cross-save functionality is traditionally reserved for titles in Xbox One's 'Play Anywhere' program--the Microsoft-led scheme where buying an Xbox One version of a game also bags you a PC copy. Neither Capcom nor Microsoft has yet confirmed Resident 7 as a Play Anywhere title. Play Anywhere has so far been limited to Xbox exclusive games.

Resident Evil 7 is also releasing on PS4, with both the Kitchen VR demo and the full game's VR mode exclusive to PlayStation--for the first year, at least.

Capcom said in its latest earnings call that it expects Resident 7 to sell 4 million copies before April 2017, with a long tail anticipated beyond that.

The horror title recently had a $180 collector's edition revealed, complete with an interactive Mansion Music Box model and severed finger USB stick. You can grab it when Resident Evil 7 launches, on January 24 2017.

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