Resident Evil 7, Street Fighter 5, And More Discounted In New Capcom Humble Sale

Up to 80% off.


If you're in the mood to play some iconic Capcom titles this week, Humble Store has a sale for you. This weekend, tons of Capcom games are up to 80% off, including many Resident Evil titles.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard is just $40, down from $60. Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 and others are on sale too, up to 77% off. Street Fighter V is half-off for $20, and Street Fighter X Tekken is $6, down from $30. Much of the Devil May Cry series is available for a deal, including Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition for $13 (regularly $25) and the Devil May Cry Complete Pack for $10 (regularly $40),

If you'd rather some classic platforming, check out the Mega Man Legacy Collection, on for $6 (down from $15). It's a good way to replay the first six Mega Man games before Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (feature Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10) comes out this August. There are many more games up for sale on the Humble Store, and you can check out the full list here.

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Meanwhile at E3, audiences got a sneak peak at Capcom's newest game Monster Hunter: World during Sony's E3 press conference, the first Monster Hunter title on PlayStation in 11 years. Read all about the upcoming game here, and head over to GameSpot's E3 hub for all the latest news, features, and game announcements.

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"Sneak Peak"


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Both excellent games

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I don't know if I should hop on this and get RE7 now or wait for the Steam summer sale next week. This will be my first Steam summer sale so if anyone has a recommendation throw it my way. Street Fighter V is tempting me for 20 bucks also.

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@romeothebeast: My usual policy is not buying a game unless it's under $10 or 75%, whichever is less. Games that have only been out for a year or so don't usually get big discounts.

Also, this is usually a great time to snag some solid indie games like Super Meat Boy, Papers Please, FTL, Axiom Verge, etc. Those usually go on sale for even more than 75% off, so they're dirt cheap (like $2). So do the first two Witcher games if you're curious about those.

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@RedWave247: I usually wait until games are $20. Sometimes I'll pay $30 if I am feeling impatient. That is why I wanted to know if people thought Steam would have a steeper discount on this game next week. I think I'm going to wait though as I still have a couple of games to beat. Axiom Verge is a game I always wanted to play so good looking out. I might just go ahead and pick that up.

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@romeothebeast: Not sure but it's worth it no matter how you get it. I bought it full price and no regrets.

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@girlusocrazy: Worth full price? I like the sound of that! Most games aren't. I got Tekken 7 for $40 bucks and though I love the game I feel $40 should've been the regular price. I'll wait to see what Steam has it for next week but it's good to know some games are worth their asking price.

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Oh. Another Capcom sale. Ho-hum.

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If you think I will buy another Capcom game after SFxT on disc DLC and Street Fighter V fiasco... you are dreaming.

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@eva02langley: There's a lot to love and a lot to hate in Resident Evil 7, but it's definitely worth it IMO. Easily the best game CAPCOM has released since 2005, but I don't care for fighting games, so you might disagree.

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@eva02langley: lol, at least someone learned their lesson. I actually thought bout it, till you brought up that sour point again.