Resident Evil 7 Has Sold More Than 5 Million Copies

The horror game has sold quite a few copies in the year since its release.


Resident Evil 7 launched in January 2017 to critical acclaim, with reviewers praising its atmosphere, appearance, and narrative. Over the past year, it's also done well commercially: Capcom revealed recently that the game has passed 5.1 million copies sold.

In a blog post about Resident Evil 7 winning Best VR Audio at the 2018 Game Audio Network Guild awards, Capcom also shared that the game has hit a pretty significant sales milestone. It's hit 5.1 million units sold across PS4, Xbox One, and PC; according to Steamspy, about 550,000 of those are on Steam.

These are very good numbers for the game, but it's worth noting that RE7 has currently sold fewer copies than any other mainline RE game besides Resident Evil 3, according to data compiled by the Resident Evil fan wiki. The previous installment in the series, Resident Evil 6, has sold close to 10 million units since its launch in 2012.

In other RE7 news, Capcom just recently released an update to the game that boosts its graphics on Xbox One X. It now can run at 4K and features HDR support. In addition, be sure to check out our Resident Kinevil video series.

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