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Resident Evil 6 suffered due to 'inadequate organizational collaboration'

Publisher says development "challenges" and poor efforts in marketing and promotion led to latest game coming up short.


Capcom has explained why it believes Resident Evil 6 came up short. The publisher said in a recent question and answer session that though shipments of 5 million copies means the game has been successful to a degree, development "challenges" and "inadequate organizational collaboration" led to the title performing under expectation.

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"We are currently analyzing the causes, which involve our internal development operations and sales operations. We have not yet reached a clear conclusion. We believe that global sales of 5 million units are proof that this is a popular title," Capcom said.

"However, we believe that the new challenges we tackled at the development stage were unable to sufficiently appeal to users. In addition, we believe there was inadequate organizational collaboration across our entire company with regard to marketing, promotions, the creation of plans and other activities," the company added. "We will have to examine these results from several perspectives. We will reexamine our internal operating frameworks in order to identify areas that need to be improved concerning development as well as sales and administrative operations."

Capcom said earlier this week that despite Resident Evil 6 recording "brisk" sales of 4.5 million upon launch in October, the game ultimately "lost its momentum." The game was targeted to ship 7 million copies worldwide, but has fallen 2 million short of that mark. Capcom is now contemplating rebooting the series.

Resident Evil 6 received a polarizing critical reception upon launch for consoles last year. The game comes to PC on March 22.

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